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Study On The Homely Influence Of Undergraduates’ View On Marriage And Love

Posted on:2017-03-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Some undergraduates in Shandong are selected as investigation object in this thesis. Based on the family system theory, social learning and structural functionalism theory, that the original family is an important influential factor for the undergraduates’view on marriage and love is found by the way of typical survey and comparative study. In this paper more researches are deeply developed about this influence on the point of intergenerational transmission, the family factor which affects on undergraduates’view on marriage and love is described, and the influence mechanism of the view from original family is also analyzed, which all help undergraduates to realize the subtle influence, heritage good intergenerational transmission in order to avoid intergenerational transmission with bad behavior or influence.The following sections are included in this thesis.Firstly, the significance of this research is introduced in detail in the preface; By sorting and analyzing the academic research about the influence of undergraduates’view on marriage and love from original family in recent years, there are only few researches on this field, especially for the undergraduates groups. So the undergraduates groups are chosen in this thesis to study the influence of undergraduates’view on marriage and love from original family.Secondly, based on the investigation, the family factors which affect undergraduates’view on marriage and love are analyzed. Six parts are included as follows. The first is emotional state of parents in original family, the second is the communicative and interactive mode of parents in original family, the third is the educational style of parents, the fourth is the homely atmosphere, the fifth is the family structure, and the last is the homely background.Furthermore, four influence mechanisms of undergraduates’view on marriage and love from original family are found. The first is the words and deeds of their parents, the second is homely relationship construction, the third is stable family support, the fourth is transmission of family culture.Finally, it is concluded that undergraduates’view on marriage and love and their marriage behaviors are affected by the intergenerational transmission from original families. It is shown on many aspects, such as emotional status of parents, communicative and interactive mode, educational mode, family atmosphere, family background, which are passed to undergraduates. These influences have not only the inheritance of good things, such as love, healthy communication, tolerance and mutual understanding, filial piety, virtue, but also the spread of bad factors such as domestic violence, apathy, spoiled, control, with the help of the state, society, universities, families and undergraduates themselves, we can foster strengths and minimize weaknesses, and also take the essence and discard the dregs.
Keywords/Search Tags:Original family, Views on marriage and love, Intergenerational transmission, Influence
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