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Hani And Yi-car People Love And Marriage Relationship Study

Posted on:2012-12-16Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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The relationship between individual and social culture is an important topic discussed by Anthropology. It represents "Sociocultural Determinism", "Individual Behavior Determinism" and "Interaction Theory" concluded by many anthropologists through a useful effort for research. By defining marriage choice of Yiche people of Hani ethnic group and field work, the paper reconsiders the relationship between individual and social culture based on the study of the interaction between true love and social marriage.Yiche people of Hani has a special system of marriage model, which varies in different forms in its development. To begin with, it is an arranged marriage for teenagers. Parents as guardians of traditional culture arrange the first marriage for their children. Secondly, it's free love of adolescence. Passing into adolescence, the youth may pursue new lover out of marriage. At this stage the human nature is available to a largest degree, so the intimate relationship based on long-term sex and existing marriage produce conflicts, dissolving marriage is the result. The dissolution of a marriage is the start of a new marriage. Thereby, the marriage model of Yiche people presents the special system:marriage-love-divorcee-remarriage. During this process, choosing marriage partner is bound by social limitations in order that the society can run properly and the small family can develop well. However, the love makes lovers to take great risks to be against for social culture.Yiche people get their stable marriage by taking devious route, it's based on "groups standard". For maintaining sound development of relationship and interest of the group, the individual must sacrifice their own interests and requirements, suppress biological desire of people to obey group's regulations, but the distinguished actions for breaking the social limitation still exists. In the Yiche society there is a tension between social marriage and true love, which be in conflicted and Game situation all along. With the advantage of speech, society is dominant during the Game of love and marriage, but clearly true love also can be eventually got through various clever strategies.
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