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An Empirical Study On Contemporary College Students' Views Of Love And Marriage

Posted on:2021-03-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2427330602489538Subject:Marxist theory
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College students are a special group of students.They have a high level of culture and education.Although they do not really enter the society,they are the most concerned about the society,and have the closest contact with the society.They are deeply influenced and influenced by the social environment,shouldering the historical mission an d the hope and trust of the party and the people..Their growth concerns the future of the nation.Under the influence of subjective and objective factors,since the new century,college students' love has become more and more popular,and even some college students have been married during their undergraduate years.College students' cognition,pursuit of love and marriage have diversified characteristics.Happy love and marriage are good for college students' physical and mental health,and play an important role in promoting their growth and development.However,some college students' misconceptions.and inappropriate behaviors not only affect their physical and mental health and personal long-term development,but also may become a hidden danger of their future love and marriage and family happiness,and then become an unstable factor of social harmony.Therefore,it is of great practical significance to fully understand and grasp the current situation of college students'view of marriage and love,attach great importance to the problems existing in college students' view of marriage and love,integrate various forces,guide and help college students to establish a correct view of marriage and love,which is a research field that can not be ignored in Ideological and political education of colleges and universities.This paper defines the core concepts such as the concept of marriage and love,the education of the concept of marriage and love,and expounds the theoretical basis of the research.On the basis of making full use of the previous relevant research results and empirical research data,it sums up the following four basic characteristics of the current concept of marriage and love of college students in China,namely,the diversification of love motivation,the diversification of spouse selection standards,the rationalization of marriage attitude and the concept of sex tends to be open.At the same time,it also points out that although the attitude of contemporary college students in the face of love,marriage and family is positive and in line with the value orientation and requirements of Marxist concept of love and marriage,there are still problems in some college students' concept of love and marriage,deviating from the social dominant value orientation,which is not conducive to individual physical and mental health and personal future development.These problems mainly include The main reasons for these problems are the improper motive of love,the weak sense of responsibility,the growing trend of lazy marri age,the over opening of sexual concept,the inadequate function of school education,the absence of family education,the increasing negative influence of social environment,and the asynchronous development of individual body and mind.In view of the formation of college students' concept of love and marriage is the result of multiple factors,guiding and helping college students to establish a correct concept of love and marriage must also be combined by the school,society and family.At the same time,college students themselves should consciously play their initiative as social subjects;and consciously adjust their concept of love and marriage.Colleges and universities should give full play to the important role in the education of the concept of love and marriage,parents should pay attention to the positive guidance of their children's concept of love and marriage,the society should advocate a positive and healthy concept of love and marriage,and college students should consciously establish a scientific concept of love and marriage.
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