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A Study About The Influence Between Enterprise Social Capital,Market Orientation And Product Innovation

Posted on:2015-02-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2309330431995439Subject:Business management
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The rapid development of economy and modern science technology has changed the traditional way of competition, enterprise managers are facing with serious technology innovation challenge. Obviously product innovation is the key determinant of improving enterprise core competitiveness and business performance. To cultivate the enterprise technology innovation capacity, including product innovation and process innovation, from the deep analysis, is to integrate external resources and internal organizational knowledge, make new products and new services in accordance with the need of the market. So enterprises should improve the ability of product innovation and output through the accessing of external resources, knowledge acquisition, utilize the external network information, and merge with the enterprise internal ability. In this paper, based on the research background, put forward the integration theory model of social capital、product innovation and market orientation.The goal is to link the two main research line, which is social capital-product innovation and market orientation-product innovation, and to emphasize the influence of social capital on market orientation, and which how to affect product innovation.First of all, based on the abundant literature research, in this article, has carried on the certain summary and review research of the key theory of social capital, market orientation, absorption capacity, product innovation, after the concept definition, proposed the integration theoretical model of this paper, on the basis of the resource ability theory and previous theoretical research model.Secondly, collected the sample data of enterprise through the questionnaire, which is designed by past maturity scale research, and make a certain correction during the period of investigation. Using the right social science statistical method to verify the validity and reliability of the questionnaire, based on the statistical software SPSS and AMOS. And then adopt structural equation model analysis to estimate the parameters value of the various paths in the conceptual model, to evaluate model fitting degree by fitting index to make a complete empirical analysis of the paper.Finally, make a certain summary of the hypothesis testing results in this study based on the empirical analysis of the data, and then make some appropriate discussion, to obtain the research conclusion. Conclusion one:external social capital has significant positive effect on market orientation. This is a major part and main innovation point of this article, to make the empirical support on the past theory study. Conclusion two:social capital-market orientation-product innovation has significant positive recurrence relations. This is a successful model, basing on the theory of the resource capacity, has important practical significance for managers. Conclusion three:social capital-absorptive capacity-product innovation has a positive recursive relation. The conclusion put a consensus view with previous research, In this paper, finally summarized the research deficiency and the future research suggestions.
Keywords/Search Tags:social capital, market oriented, product innovation, resourcescapability theory, absorptive capacity
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