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Research On Dual-channel Supply Chain Distribution Structure And Pricing Strategy

Posted on:2016-09-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:F F WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2309330461489303Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Along with the E-commerce and the matures of the third party logistics technology, B2 C e-commerce model obtained the swift and violent development, More and more enterprises begin to carry out the strategy of double channels by incorporating Internet direct channel into its original distribution system. However, how to introduce the Network channels, how to price the dual channel supply chain after introducing the network channel, these are the challenges facing by the double channels enterprise operation. Understanding the differences between dual channel supply chain structure model and its pricing strategy, will be the key for the enterprise to improve the efficiency of double channel of the supply chain.Based on this, this paper has carried on the thorough discussion on the double channel structure and it’s pricing strategies of B2 C e-commerce mode. In this paper, from the sponsors of online direct channels aspect, considering the three kinds of network sponsors( manufacturers, third-party network pecialized in sales,retailers,). Built a two layer double channels composed of a single manufacturer and single retailer and assumed that manufacturers is the channel leader.In addition, this paper adopts consumer utility demand function model considering consumers purchase cost and channel preference. Base of these to study the price decisions of the three kinds of double channel structure. Among the manufacturers double channels two kinds of situations are considered : centralized decision-making and decentralized decision making; The third-party networks dual channel model also considered two kinds of situations: the manufacturers with the third party network in the form of profit sharing to cooperate and independent third party network; Firstly, Through the price of Stackelberg game model and the optimal theory methods to draw the balance of optimal price, sales and profits in three different structure modes. Then to the comparative analysis the model for static comparative analysis, sensitivity analysis and different influence on the efficiency of the supply chain network channels. And further discussed the practical use of the three kinds of dual channel supply chain strategy and the double channel strategy for the enterprise benefit by practical case Haier E-Commerce, Jingdong mall,Su Ningyi shopping mall.Finally, summarized the full text research conclusion, and pointed out the limitation of this study and its prospect.The innovation of this paper is: on one hand,Through different ways of network channels to the introduction of the dual channel supply chain structure is divided into three types were discussed, including manufacturers double channel and the third party network channels and divided into different case study respectively. On other hand,This paper adopting the consumer utility demand function which considering the consumer purchase cost and channel preference to study the double channel structure problem. In addition, in this paper, studiing these questions with the integrated of interdisciplinary research methods and theoretical tools of management science, operational research, marketing, and economics. In the Internet age, based on the research of dual channel supply chain electronic commerce has become a hot problem in the study on supply chain both at home and abroad, this article research has certain theoretical innovation value. At the same time, this article research will provide reference suggestion to the manufacturers and retailers faced in order to choose the appropriate way double channel strategy and channel competition and cooperation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Traditional channel, Direct channel, Double Channel Supply Chain, Pricing Strategy, Stackelberg Game
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