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Pricing Decision And Channel Selection Of Manufacturers Under Different Dual-Channel Structures

Posted on:2020-11-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2439330572986089Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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With the rapid development of e-commerce and logistics industry,online shopping has become a mainstream consumption pattern.E-commerce provides a development platform and brings new opportunities for the development of manufacturers enterprises.The online retail channel provides manufacturers with a fast and convenient sales platform,so that manufacturers can directly meet the needs of consumers,more importantly,get rid of the difficulties of traditional retailers to a certain extent and reestablish master the right to speak in the sales channel.The diversification of e-commerce development model makes it possible to make the dual-channel distribution model of traditional retail channels and online retail channels coexist,and it has penetrated into all aspects of life,resulting in a variety of dual-channel structure models.However,in the dual-channel supply chain where manufacturers are not only the product supplier of the traditional retailers but the direct competitors of the channel,which leads to the pricing,selection and coordination of the supply chain under the dual-channel mode.It has aroused widespread concern in academic and business.Comparing with the traditional single-channel supply chain,the dual-channel supply chain has both horizontal conflicts between channels and vertical conflicts between manufacturers and retailers.The research is more complicated,so there are a series of problems to be solved.In this paper,we assume that a manufacturer as the leader in a dual-channel supply chain model,where the traditional retail channels and online retail channels keep up the competition.In different dual-channel structures,the study applying the game theory,operations research,market economics,matlab,simulation examples analyze and other discipline theories and methods to explore the pricing decisions and channel selection of manufacturers.Firstly,according to the existing e-commerce channel sales model and characteristics,the dual-channel structures are divided four different form: direct selling dual-channel,distribution dual-channel,agency dual-channel and mixsed dual-channel.In this paper,manufacturers act as a leader in stackelberg game and the traditional retail price is higher than the online retail price.In these four channel structures,the study considering that the direct selling cost in direct selling dual-channel and the commission ratio in sales agency dual-channel and mixed dual-channel,and then analyze the influencing factors impact on channel member pricing,demand,and profit of each channel.Secondly,based on the above research,this paper comparing and analyzing the relationship between the pricing,demand and profit of the different supply chain members with the change of the commission ratio to provide certain decisions for retailers and manufacturers in pricing decisions and channel selection.Finally,by the example analysis,this paper set specific parameter values in specific market environment of the supply chain to analyze the pricing,demand and profit of manufacturers and retailers in these different channel structures.The specific conclusions show the game analysis and decision-making process more intuitively and comprehensively,thus providing a reference strategy for manufacturers' pricing decisions and channel selection.The research shows that the traditional retail pricing is the highest in mixed dualchannel,followed by distribution dual-channel and direct selling dual-channel,agency dual-channel retail pricing is the lowest.In distribution dual-channel,the online retailer's pricing is higher than mixed dual-channel.The manufacturers' pricing in mixed dualchannel is higher than direct selling dual-channel and agency dual-channel.In distribution dual-channel,traditional retailers are more profitable than direct selling dual-channel.The traditional retailers in mixed dual-channel are more profitable than selling dual-channel.When the commission ratio is within a certain threshold,distribution dual-channel is beneficial of traditional retailer's and online retailer's profits increase.The profit of manufacturers' in direct selling dual-channel is higher than distribution dual-channel.The profit of manufacturers' in mixed dual-channel is higher than direct selling dual-channel.When manufacturers guarantee commission ratio within a certain threshold,the profit obtained by the manufacturer in mixed dual-channel is higher than the other three dualchannel.The profit of the supply chain is the highest in mixed dual-channel,followed by direct selling dual-channel and distribution dual-channel,the profit of the supply chain is the lowest profit in direct selling dual-channel.On the whole,when the commission ratio is within a certain threshold range,the mixed dual-channel is more conducive to the increase of manufacturers and supply chain profits.The distribution dual-channel is more conducive to the increase of profits of traditional retailers and online retailers.When the commission ratio is kept in the middle range that is the manufacturer and the online retailer are in a win-win situation,mixed dual-channel is beneficial to the growth of profits of all supply chain members.This paper proposes that these four different dual-channel structures supply chain mathematical models constructed and discussed have certain reference significance for further improving the research of dual-channel supply chain theory,and have practical guiding significance for manufacturers and retailers in the actual development and operation of e-commerce.
Keywords/Search Tags:dual-channel supply chain, stackelberg game, commission ratio, pricing strategy, marketing channel choice
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