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Research On Manufacturer's Pricing Strategy Considering Time Factor In Multi-channel Supply Chain

Posted on:2019-05-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2359330548451375Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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The rapid development of the internet has greatly changed the business model of today's supply chain companies.Many manufacturers and retailers in the supply chain have added the channel of online direct selling on the basis of the original retail channels and formed a multi channel supply chain.The same time,adding new channels to the original channels also makes the supply chain system face a series of problems.These problems are mainly reflected in the channel conflicts between the new channels and the original channels,and then affect the pricing strategie of the members in the supply chain.Therefore,how to make a reasonable pricing strategy for the manufacturers to make the most profit in the sales of the commodities without affecting the stability of the whole channel has become an urgent problem need to be solved.Based on the theory of delay game,this paper considers the impact of pricing time on pricing strategy from the perspective of manufacturersand focuses on howmanufacturers to make pricing strategies.Firstly,starting from the related concepts of multi-channel supply chain,combining with the existing research content,analyzingthe channel conflicts brought by new channels,applying the stackelberg game model,and using the pricing strategies of manufacturers in dual-channel supply chain to prove that manufacturers prioritise to issue direct prices can bring higher profits in the dual-channel supply.At the same time,in consideration of the impact of retailers on the supply chain system after increasing the direct channels,and prove the optimal pricing decision among the manufacturer's alternative strategies under this circumstance.After comparing and analysing the pricing strategies in the dual-channel supply chain.It is concluded that the optimal pricing strategy of the manufacturer in the two situations,and compare the changing of the manufacturer's wholesale price,direct price and the retail price and direct price of the retailer under the optimal strategy to achieve the purpose of providing a basis for the manufacturers to make strategies.
Keywords/Search Tags:multi-channel supply chain, dual-channel supply chai, direct channel, stackelberg game
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