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Analysis Of The Evolution Of Ecological Industrial Cluster’s Knowledge Transfer Effect On The Open Innovation

Posted on:2015-08-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2309330467456359Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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The context of economic globalization, the regional economic competition pattern is an important economic form in the international competitive environment, and industrial cluster is the main way to improve the regional economy’s competitiveness. Industrial clusters’s research mainly include the positive effect things, such as the cost of knowledge spillover, trading lower, shared resource information, brand of regional economy, economy of scale trend. However, the traditional industrial cluster system is a mode, which is a one-way flow--"resources-products-pollution", low cost expansion、capital intensive and labor, which brought inevitably resource waste and pollution. In order to overcome the problems, later scholars put forward a concept which is similar to the ecological system, the ecological industrial cluster (Ecological Industry Cluster), this is a "symbiotic" relationship between enterprises and relevant institutions gathering together. The "symbiotic" relationship exists the upstream and downstream enterprises in the cluster, the obvious characteristic is that the upstream’s waste productions will become raw materials for downstream enterprises productions, in order to reduce waste in the environment that caused by the damage done by this model.In this "ecological industry symbiotic" relationship, enterprises not only need maintain the competitiveness, but also they need achieve the dual purpose of protecting environment, the key influence factors are knowledge transfer among cluster enterprises. Enterprises in the cluster have the same or similar products, so it’s easy to communicate and knowledge transfer for both sides, also it’s beneficial to the formation of formal and informal organization. However, complex changes of the social economic environment has brought great pressure on the enterprises within the cluster, the enterprise is very difficult to get internal research and development in the closed innovation, in order to achieve sustainable competitive advantage, they must make it constantly adjust the mode and strategy of knowledge transfer, some scholars based on strategic alliance theory put forward the concept--"open innovation", accessing to technology and market resources of enterprise internal and external above the operation frame, it emphasis on the technology market’s application and risk investment to promote the technology flow. Open innovation theory provides a new perspective for external innovation resource management, that is how to access external resources are still the main purpose of open innovation. External resources is the core content and the main influence factors to enhance innovation performance, the core of open innovation is the introduction of external technology knowledge. In the open innovation environment, how to knowledge transfer, the maximum validity access to external resources, these problems are worth further study.Firstly, through the domestic and foreign research about ecological industry clusters, knowledge transfer, open innovation’s important documents, the establishment of knowledge transfer within the ecological industrial cluster effect on open innovation are summarized based on the research analysis, morphology and behavior characteristics, knowledge transfer model ecological industrial cluster structure model based on the combination of theory and practice through literature, reference, further to determine the open innovation system innovation factors to construct the ecological industrial cluster, and then establish a concept model related.Secondly, by applying the game theory, build game model of knowledge transfer, in social science research methods of computational experiments as main line, form a conceptual model based on the analysis in the literature.Thirdly,computational experiments of calculus in the obtained results basis, through the research and practice of open innovation factors of knowledge transfer within the cluster analysis of ecological industry using Netlogo, by contrast, guarantee the validity of the calculation results. Finally, according to the research conclusion, the ecological industrial cluster promote the open innovation knowledge management suggestions are put forward for the transfer, eco industrial park construction and management, clusters of enterprises, scientific research institutes and government decision-making reference.The model can be obtained through computational experiments, the ecological environment factor into the traditional industrial clusters, forming the ecological industrial cluster. Clusters of the government to improve the government policies, to create a good innovation environment for the development of innovation, knowledge transfer within the cluster.
Keywords/Search Tags:Ecological industry cluster, knowledge transfer, open innovation, game theory, computational experiments
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