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Based On The Analytic Hierarchy Process(AHP) Of Agricultural Products Logistics Center Location Research In Liaoning Province

Posted on:2016-11-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2309330470474555Subject:Logistics engineering
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Chinese government always attaches great importance to agriculture,rural areas and farmers problems, to solve those problems is one of important national policys in our country, it is the foundation of our stable society. In recent years, because of the promotion of agricultural technology and the rapid development of agricultural science and technology, the total production of crop yields has increased rapidly.Which suggests that the basic agriculture product is no longer restricting agricultural development any more, establishing a smooth and efficient operation system of agricultural is the key to solve the problem of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers", is also the broad path to participate in social agricultural product and thus make a benefit to meet their needs.To establish an efficient circulation system of agricultural products, the key is to choose the logistics center location, scientific and rational location selection will significantly reduce costs, improve logistics efficiency, and benefit more people. Now many agricultural logistics research mainly lies in the agricultural development mode, such as logistics distribution, vehicle scheduling problem, the research of agricultural products logistics center location problem is not sufficient. This paper mainly focus on the selection of agricultural products logistics center, hope to attract attention to site selection, and offer reference for agricultural products logistics center location specific operation.This paper introduces the development background and the present situation of agricultural product logistics in our country at first. Introduce two types of selection, which are continuous location method and the discrete location method, this paper mainly introduces the principle and steps of analytic hierarchy process(AHP), evaluate the characteristics of each model and their applicable situations. The fourth chapter take an example of site selection in Liaoning province, the largest coverage model is applied to get the initial candidate cities, then determine the evaluation index system to establish the AHP model, under the precondition of data consistency inspection only, then evaluate the traffic factors, economic factors and environmental factors comprehensively, and choose the one with highest score.
Keywords/Search Tags:Agricultural products logistics, Logistics center, Site selection model, Analytic hierarchy process(AHP)
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