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Research On Impact Of The Network Governance Mechanisms On Governance Capacity

Posted on:2016-09-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H L YanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2309330470952516Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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In recent years, the network organization attaches great attention to the businesscommunity and the theorists for its significant synergistic impact, the academic study ofthe network organization has been made considerable progress at the same time. Wefound that the majority of the organization’s governance research network focused onthe organization’s governance performance, the pursuit of cost management, governance,risk individual, hard targets by combing the literature.With the rapid development of theeconomy, these elements can no longer accurately reflect the effect of an organization’sgovernance. Business, society, nation give more attention to the ability of anorganization’s, including the creation of value interests, against the risk of creating itsunique core competencies and to develop and maintain a competitive advantage in anincreasingly competitive market, and so on. Members of the organization within thenetwork in a large number of enterprises, it is the governance mechanism plays a director indirect impact on the above capacity, improve governance mechanism is to enhancethe governance capacity of effective protection. Therefore, it is an issue worthy of studythat how to improve the governance mechanisms more effectively to enhance itscapacity to govern,.In this paper, as the main object, the network organization is studied the impactof governance mechanisms on the governance capacity. First, from the theory ofgovernance mechanisms and governance capacity to start, integrated use of literaturereview and retrieval, inductive analysis and expert interviews and other methods,weanalyze the impact of network organizational governance mechanisms of governancetheoretical of the governance mechanisms proposed on the basis of impact on thegovernance capacity building governance capacity assumptions governance role modelassumptions; then using questionnaires, structural equation modeling approach toTaiyuan stainless Steel industrial Park,124companies as a case of hypothetical modelproposed empirical verification; finally we get the empirical results after the proposedpolicy recommendations and measures for protection.This article innovatively developed governance capacity scales, and rigorousreliability and validity testing, scientific and accurate measurement to obtain thedimensions of governance capabilities. And laid the foundation for research on theimpact of governance mechanisms on the basis of governance, it has been finallyconfirmed that the governance mechanisms have a significant positive correlation between the various levels of governance, governance mechanism play a key role onenhancing the governance capability.The studying of impact on network organizational governance mechanisms togovernance capacity, not only fill existing research gaps in this regard,to prove moreway on comprehending and thorough understanding of the way to upgrade theorganization’s governance capacity, but also lay the theoretical foundation for furtherin-depth study of the network’s governance capability while also providing a theoreticalbasis for the practice of the network to enhance the organization’s governancecapability.
Keywords/Search Tags:Network organization, Network management, Governance mechanisms, Governance capacity, structural equation modeling (SEM)
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