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Network Governance Of Government Investment Project Production Safety

Posted on:2016-09-19Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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The government’s investing projects are generally with large scale, long construction period, and complicated structure, so the safety in production process faces many risks. Modern safety theory stresses that the safe production should include not only the safety of the construction personnel and the operating equipment, but also the safety of natural and social environment. The management and operation mode of government’s investing projects in China, which is formed by the government and relevant departments for a.long time, relies on its unique administrative power and function, leading to the chaos of responsibility, interests, and rights of related subjects, so the safe production management system is difficult to form. Governance of project is different from that of general organization, because governance theory targets to the organization that has a relatively stable structure, but usually has some limitations when faces the project with instability and one-off properties. Project governance theory based on the incomplete contract theory provides an access to the coordination of project instability and the requirement of organizational structure. Network governance’s feature, including diverse subjects, decentralized power, and dynamic structure, make it applicable to the governance of project, a kind of unstable "organization", and is more consistent with characteristics of government’s investment project management which emphasizes on main body participation and decentralization of power.Based on the mentioned theory and practice background, this paper proposes a theoretical safe production model that is beneficial to the network governance theory in government’s investing projects, and tests the model through empirical research. The main contents are as follows:1. By reviewing the theory and practice, this paper forms a basic analysis framework of GIPS network governance:through a secure investment, establishes a sound governance environment, including legal and statutable, social and cultural, and policy practical factors; Furthermore, forms safety functions which feature in internal mechanism and operation mechanism between the rights of the main subjects, citizen participation, network connection and other factors; Finally, achieves results in safety and benefits from network governance.2. Combining the project management theory, network management theory, and safety management theory, this paper establishes a conceptual model of GIPS network governance. The initial model is composed of a structural model including four factors which are the network environment, the network subjects, and network connection, and a measurement model posed by the effect of the four corresponding factors. Through a literature review, we analyzed the path of the relevant factors, formed a number of initial hypotheses, and prepared the draft scale.3. Conduct field research to collect data and evaluate the affects of different subjects in the GIPS network, including management units, construction units, and ordinary people. By data consolidation and analysis, this paper found a relatively potential independent factor, and its measurement items are closely related to the general public, so name it as the "citizen participation". Finally this paper get an adjusted model composed of five-factors and 17 variables, a structural model, including governance environment, rights subjects, citizen participation, network connection and management performance factors, and a corresponding measurement model. This model passed the reliability and validity test, and showed goodness of fit, thus proving the theoretical model assumptions.4. Take the safety governance of construction and environment in Lanzhou-Chongqing railway project and safety governance of production in Yu-steel re-construction project as cases, and analyze practical application of theoretical model of network governance GIPS in construction safety, environmental safety, and industrial safety. Agent construction regulation is the main design achievement in the transformation of our government’s investing projects from a centralized management model to the decentralized one. Government-oriented and market-oriented are two typical patterns in actually practice of agent construction regulation. Case analysis shows that our government’s investment projects are in the process of transformation from centralized and administration in dominate, to decentralized and market in dominate.The above results show that:governance environment, subject rights, citizen participation, and network connection have significant effects on network management. Related research conclusions are as follows:Firstly, the governance environment does not produce a direct impact on the governance performance, but through the subject rights, citizen participation and network connection indirectly affects the governance performance; governance environment has a direct impact on subject rights; governance environment has a direct and indirect effects on citizen participation and network connection at the same time.Secondly, the power factor of the governance subjects is important, but power is nothing but tools. Studies show that subject rights has no direct impact on the governance performance, but through citizen participation and networking indirectly affect the governance performance; subject rights has direct impact on citizen participation, and have indirect effects on the network connection.Thirdly, citizen participation has a directly significant impact on the governance performance and network connection, in the meanwhile, through network connection has an indirect impact on governance performance. In the developing process of social democratization, the protection to citizen’s rights is reinforcing, and through continuous involving in network management, citizens produce a significant impact on the governance performance.Finally, the network connection is the key factor that has directly impact on governance performance. The governance environment, the subject rights and citizen participation strengthen the trust, communication, collaboration between network members to improve the network connection, and the governance performance.The innovation of this paper is as follows:1. This paper presents a theoretical model of network governance of safe production in government’s investing projects and tests the model by a combination of standardized theoretical and empirical research methods, and explains the inherent mechanism and operation mechanism between GIPS key factors.2. Taking projects as study subject and combining the common characteristics of government’s investing projects, this paper proposes that the concept of safe production means the whole process of comprehensive safety This is beneficial to clarify the range of study on safe production, and provide a theoretical basis for the practice of decision-making.3. Through the project analysis, exploratory factor analysis, reliability analysis and confirmatory factor analysis, this paper has developed a network management GIPS measurement scale, which provides a theoretical basis for further research.4. Project governance theory is subject to instability and disposable property of projects, currently is limited to research on public projects, and is suitable to organizations that do not have a structural stability. This paper combines network governance and project management together, improves project governance’s theoretical system and application range, and extends the scope of the study to projects with public property.
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