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Analysis Of Electric Vehicle V2G Charging Mode And Its Impact On Daily Load Curve Power Grid

Posted on:2017-04-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2322330533450071Subject:Electrical engineering
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With the rapid development of social economy,the electric vehicle as an environmental protection transport has getting people sattention when the issues of environmental pollution and energy security highlighted.Electricvehicles charging load is random in time that will affect electric load when a certain scale of electric vehicle access grid to charge random.Therefore,taking optimal management for electric vehicle to charging and discharging without affecting the demand of electric vehiclecharging users,thereby reducing the negative impact on power load for charging load;Electric vehicles the same time as a kind of energy storage power,Can provide ancillaryservices such as peak shaving for power grid.According to the above questions,taking electric vehicles effect the daily power grid load curve under disordered charge,ordered charge and V2 G technology for further research respectively.It is essential to come up with the accurate charging load of electric vehicle in order toassess the impact of electric car on the d and manage charging and discharging electric vehicle under the disordered charge.According to the comprehensive factors affecting electric vehicle load distributed i Il time and its probability distribution.a corresponding charging power model of electric vehicle that based on the statistical is built.Then Monte Carlo simulation is used to calculate the load of electric vehicles with different permeability.Theresult shows that a new round of load growth is brought to the power after the large-scale usage of electric cars.In order to reduce the influence of grid load caused by disordered charging,the method of using the peak-valley price to encourage ordered charging is put forward in this paper.Also,it is found that the essential difference between the ordered charging and disordered charging is the starting time,and the different prices determine when the users start charging,thus an assumption is put forward,that price period is an important factor to guide the charging of users. And the assumption is then proved right by practical cases.Then an optimization model is built to find out the price period,in which the difference between peak and valley load is minimum,and is proposed and solved by PSO algorithm.It turns out that the low load improving but the grid load peak shaving effect is not obvious after taking ordered charging isverified by results of numerical examples.A charging and discharging control model,which fully takes into consideration the impact on bakery life after increasing times of charging and discharging of electric vehicle,is built for electric vehicle to provide ancillary services of grid peak shaving.The constraints of relevant factors that affect the battery life and solved by PSO algorithm ale also proposed.The load curve becomes smoother and the peak load of power gdd sees obvious improvement after guiding ordered charging,which is verified by numerical cases.
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