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Research On Charging And Discharging Strategy Of Swapping Station

Posted on:2018-11-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2322330533469917Subject:Electrical engineering
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Electric vehicle,as a kind of clean and environmental protection of transportation,has been vigorously promoted in recent years.However,as the number of electric vehicle increases,the disordered charging of large-scale electric vehicle load will have a detrimental effect on the safe and stable operation of the grid.Therefore,there have been more and more researches on accurate electric vehicle load forecasting and reasonable arrangement of electric vehicle charging and discharging in order.Besides,as the facilities of electric vehicle power supply,charging stations' structure and the management of charging and discharging in the station is also critical.In this paper,on the basis of the analysis of electric vehicle load,the orderly charging and discharging strategy and internal management of the centralized charging stations is studied.Firstly,different kinds of electric vehicle load are studied under battery swapping modes,such as electric buses,electric taxis and electric private cars,and operational characteristics are analyzed individually.The load model of electric buses is established according to the schedule of bus stations.Considering the distribution of hot spots in urban areas,the operation of taxis is simulated with the method of grid meshing.Private vehicle load model is established according to the data of users' trip distance and trip time.Monte Carlo algorithm is used in the simulation of electric taxis and private cars.With the three kinds of electric vehicle load models,electricity demand and the state of charge of batteries back to the station is analyzed.Then,considering of the reuse of vehicle batteries,centralized charging station including battery energy storage system is established.Then the structure of the charging station is introduced and the four different operation state is analyzed.Considering peak-load shifting,accommodation of wind power and profit maximization of centralized charging station,orderly charging and discharging strategy is built individually.With the particle swarm optimization algorithm,the plan of charging and discharging of the battery system and the state of charging station is simulated by using Matlab each period,the simulation result indicates its effectiveness.Finally,management of various types of batteries in the station is studied under the orderly charging and discharging strategy.Several charging and discharging methods are simply compared,and different scheduling scheme to charge and discharge is analyzed.On the basis of Multi-Agent theory,the charging and discharging system structure based on layered Multi-Agent is set up to managemultiple types of batteries.The method that partitioning batteries by types and grouping them by state of charge to manage different batteries is proposed,and strategy is established to manage charging facilities and battery groups.By studying charging and discharging of the batteries of electric buses,taxis and private cars,it is proved that the strategy for management of various types of batteries' scheme to charge and discharge in the station is practical.
Keywords/Search Tags:electric vehicle, centralized charging stations, orderly charging and discharging strategy, management of charge and discharge system
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