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Comparative Study Of Targeted Ultrasound Contrast Agent And Ultrasound Contrast Agent For Transplantation Tumor Model From Ovarian Cancer In Different Periods

Posted on:2019-07-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H Y LinFull Text:PDF
GTID:2334330548956096Subject:Imaging and nuclear medicine
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Objective:To compare the targeting and general contrast-enhanced ultrasonography of ovarian cancer in different stages,and to explore the value of targeted contrast agent in the diagnosis of ovarian cancer.Methods: Fifty nude mice(strain: BALB/cN ude)were randomly divided into 5 groups,10 in each gr oup.The subcutaneous xenograft model of ovarian cancer was established.According to different inoculation time(14,21,28,35,42 d),5 groups of nude mice were examined by ordinary contrast-enhanced ultrasonography(MBc)and targeted contrast-enhanced ultrasonography(MBt)respectively.Application of time-signal intensity curve calculated peak intensity of transplanted tumor(PI),peak time(TTP),and dynamic observation of its imaging feature.Results: The PI values in MBt group were higher than those in MBc group(P <0.05);the TTP values were shorter than those in MBc group,the differences were statistically significant at 14,21,28 d(P < 0.05).The TIC curve was more steep in the early stage of inoculation.In the MBt group,There were significant difference in the average number of samples between the PI and TTP values(P <0.05),in which the PI values were found between 14 d and 21 d,21d and 28 d,28 d and the 35d(P <0.01).The values of TTP in 14 d and 21 d,28d and 35 d were significantly different(P <0.01).In MBc group,there was no significant difference in the average number of samples in PI group(P> 0.05).The difference of TTP was only between 28 and 35 days(P = 0.03).Conclusion:At the early stage of inoculation,the contrast parameters of targeted ultrasound contrast agents are superior to those of commoultrasound contrast agents and contribute to the early diagnosis of ovarian cancer.
Keywords/Search Tags:Different time, Targeted ultrasound contrast agent, Ovarian cancer, Imaging parameters, TIC curv
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