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From The View Of Sustainable Development To Scientific Outlook On Development

Posted on:2017-01-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Traditional view of development to solve is the relationship between mankind itself production and material production,however,due to the limitations of the capitalist system,with economic growth for the core of the traditional development view encountered all kinds of difficulties.In a sustainable development concept as the foundation,combined with China’s socialist development process has characteristics of,our party proposed people-oriented scientific development concept,the concept of development is the content of sustainable development view of further development,conforms to the Marxism about the production of human beings and the environment,social development view the evolution of fundamental law.Based on the above viewpoints,this paper mainly includes the following three aspects:one is sort of scientific concept of development Students and theoretical background of the source,the second is the interpretation of the scientific development concept connotation and significance,and the third is the discussion of the concept of scientific development to further improve.The innovation of this paper is that with the continuous development of China’s socialist construction,our scientific development view from the previous emphasis too much on the number of,in taking economic construction as the center,solving the problem of food and clothing to pay attention to quality for the purpose of the development value,a more coordinated development between man and nature,pay more attention to meet the needs of a variety of people’s new stage of development.
Keywords/Search Tags:the concept of sustainable development, limitation, Scientific Outlook on Development, innovation
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