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Study Of Philosophy As The Threshold Of The Scientific Concept Of Development

Posted on:2008-11-26Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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In general, the view of scientific development presents the development body's adaptation in idea and behavioral adaptations, so in narrative arrangement, the question of the development body has become a basis of the topics, while the characteristics of the object in relation to this development body, on the base of which Value-oriented, dynamic operation and other questions are discussed logically.The chapter one is a general research on this subject. First, it summarizes the domestic and foreign development theories, analyzes the development and development concept, outlines the basic connotation and defines the elementary and extending meaning of the view of scientific development. Second, as a logical premise of philosophy research, it set the boundaries of the view of scientific development in search. Last, it explains the way of thinking in the paper.In order to study deeply, the second chapter explores the subject concept in philosophical sense, on the base of anglicizing the contemporary scientific development of China, and explains the multi-faceted and complex nature of subject from different levels. This includes the following main points: First it is classification: the developing body is divided into different groups according to the class and stratum; Second, it's classification of ethics and interests; Third, the classification is based on the social function undertook by the development body. In fact, three different classifications play an important role for us in understanding the forces of scientific development systematically, because this kind of division directly relates to the complexity of scientific development level in China. It is useful to give a specific analysis on these aspects: the"people-oriented"values and ideals, ability to adapt to the social form of new technology, adaptable content and value orientation, the dynamical system. However, according to the study of the subject, the classification mainly depends on the social function of the development body. In addition, in epistemology of philosophy, the subject and object are counterpart category. In this chapter, I discuss the object corresponding to the subject of development and investigate the relations between them totally.The third chapter is an important part in this research, which mainly focuses on the Value-oriented question of new development concept. First, the concept of scientific development in contemporary China has different values compared with the traditional development concept. The value principle of the scientific concept of development in contemporary China is the principle of the unity of the scientific spirit and humanistic spirit. Humanistic spirit not only reflects the importance of human themselves, but also reflects the importance of the rational thinking. The scientific concept of development is the product of rational thinking of body in power and includes scientific spirit inherently. However, on the value-oriented level, it mainly embodies some aspects as follows:First, guides for the Justification of the development action (including "legitimacy" of the continuing development); defines the legitimacy of governing act; defines innovation action in scientific development ethically.Second, the idea of scientific development highlights the scientific requisition of economic and social development in the future, and stresses the needs for understanding the laws on the development of human society and laws of social construction. This is specifically reflected in the scientific governing and ecological value.Third, the beauty of development is an important feature in scientific development. It is the result of the development and the harmonious realm for economic and social development to run after. Therefore, the final chapter exhausts that: the beauty of comprehensive development, the harmonious society and the beauty of the poetry inhabiting in the aesthetic characteristics of the contemporary scientific development. Chapter Four investigates systematically the social driving force behind practice and complexity of operation in scientific development system. From philosophical point of view, the driving forces of any society are the display of development body'directly and indirectly. Therefore, it's necessary to study the endogenous development power and different levels of the structure deeply. As to its innate understanding, economic development is the fundamental driving force in the development of contemporary China. So, it has become a decisive force in the development; as the ruling stratum, which is the main political responsibility for the development, their political ideals have become a political driving force for economic and social development. It should be noted that the concept of the scientific development is a manifestation of such a political dynamic. In addition, the dynamic nature of contemporary Chinese scientific development concept is also reflected in the spirit power of the culture. However, the scientific development system is conducted in an open environment. In an open developing environment, we should understand the unity and synergy of domestic dynamism and open force.From a philosophical point of view, there are several basic forms of driving force in the development of any human society:"final impetus of driving force","direct force"and"cooperating force". As to contemporary China, dynamic hierarchical structures of scientific development are reflected in the productivity of the dominant driving elements, also reflected in process of"directly"driving of the reform and innovation. The driving force of scientific development shows social functions in the specific operating environment. Therefore, the contemporary system of scientific development and the basic operation principles should be thoroughly analyzed. The basic principle of the operation should be the basic requirement for operation and develop a sound foundation, which is mainly manifested in social integration, encouragement of multi-channel and dynamic standards in principle. In addition, the social operation of driving forces in fact plays a guiding role in the social development, and it should be a prospective view about the economic power, political power and cultural power.Finally, on the basis of dynamic evaluation, this paper studies the complexity of scientific development and the operating state of scientific development. In the viewpoint of practice, aiming at the complexity of the social operation, the final conclusion offers several proposals in principle.
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