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The Effect Of Development Of Executive Function On Overgenerality Of Autobiographical Memory

Posted on:2018-05-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2335330518974920Subject:Development and educational psychology
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Overgenerality of autobiographical memory is a type of autobiographical memory,which belongs to the special autobiographical memory.This phenomenon stems from the research of Williams and Broadbent,which means that the individual cannot recall the specific part of the event while recalling the event,but only recall a kind of generalized event.According to the autobiographical memory specific-General dimension,it can be divided into three categories:specific memory.The category of memory and extended memory,the last of the two belong to the overgeneral of autobiographical memory.The overgeneral autobiographical memory,will lead to excessive protection of individuals,resulting in individuals in solving problems of information extraction difficulties,weakening the ability.Some scholars have suggested that Overgenerality of autobiographical memory due to impaired executive function or be weakened,so that the individual in the extraction and self related information because of lack of executive function of resources,can not form a fine characterization.Information is retained in the category level.This study is based on the executive function,and to explore whether the development of executive function will affect the Overgenerality of autobiographical memory from the perspective of development,and reduce the general.The study is divided into two parts:the first part is the study of executive function.According to the development of each sub component.The selection of different stages of development of the subjects,through the implementation of functional paradigm(Stroop paradigm,the size of the classic digital refresh task,digital conversion task)measurement of different ages were the development of inhibitory control,working memory and cognitive flexibility of the three components of executive function in seeds.Under the premise of the different components of the development of the second parts.The second part uses the same subjects as the research object,using classical autobiographical memory test(AMT)to test memory characteristics of autobiographical memory.Discussion on the development of executive function overgeneral autobiographical memory effect on.Analysis of different components of executive function of autobiographical memory overgeneralization effect trend.Based on the two part,the results show that:(1)Executive function and each component are in a state of life development,but its development is not balanced,the same period of the individual,executive function of the various components of the development is not fully synchronized.According to the selected subjects,there were significant differences in the development of each sub component of executive function in four age groups.Cognitive flexibility increases with age,and the level of cognitive flexibility at age 12 is close to that of adults.The inhibitory control ability was significantly increased at the age of 7 to the age of 10,and the latter was slower than that of adult.But on the whole,it has been in a growing trend.Working memory with age development,research shows that children aged 7 to complete the N-Back task can continuously correct report 4-5 numbers,10 and 12 years old can reach 6?7,20 years old is a number of consecutive correct report reached more than 8,almost completely correct to complete all tasks.(2)With the increase of age,in the continuous development of autobiographical memory.High grade subjects appear less overgeneral autobiographical memory than low grade subjects.There was no significant difference between the positive emotional cues and negative emotional cues.There were no significant differences between boys and girls in the study of the types of memories.(3)The executive function of Overgenerality of autobiographical memory has a significant impact,mainly in working memory and cognitive flexibility.The working memory of autobiographical memory contents has certain prediction function.With the increase of working memory,subjects Overgenerality of autobiographical memory decrease.Cognitive flexibility has an effect on extraction time.With poor cognitive flexibility,need a clue word extraction of autobiographical memory when the time will be significantly longer.
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