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The Inscription On The Statues Of The Formal Beauty Of A Case Study Of "Longmen Twenty"

Posted on:2018-04-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z L JiangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2335330542962549Subject:Art and design
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As the quintessence of Chinese culture,calligraphy is one of the traditional arts of the Chinese nation.From the initial development of Oracle to the present,not only presents a variety of font development,but also presents a variety of forms.In this paper,the "Longmen twenty" as an example,from the point and the surface of the inscription on the statues of the beauty of form.According to "Longmen twenty" in some form of inscriptions on the analysis,which contains the beauty of form and the rule of law,reasonable use,guiding calligraphy creation,and in which the level of his calligraphy creation promotion.This thesis consists of four chapters.The first chapter mainly analyzes the formal beauty of the inscription on the statues of the.Through a simple overview of the origin and characteristics of statues,and then give examples,which leads to the inscription on the statues of the beauty of form.The second chapter analyzes the specific forms of beauty in calligraphy reflects--Taking "Longmen twenty" product as an example,mainly from the inscription on the formal beauty,art beauty,Qi of the formal beauty of several parts,fully analyzes the aesthetic form of the inscription on the statues of the.The third chapter is mainly about the influence of the formal beauty of Longmen's twenty products on the later generations.Kang Youwei said: "no poor Weibei is poor,rural children statues,and flesh Jun Dang,a thick is abnormal,the word is also very close.......Therefore,it is possible to select the statue of the Wei Dynasty,which has been able to carry on the book." Fully explain the value and influence of the inscription on the statues is very wide.The fourth chapter is the formal beauty of calligraphy creation from the inscription on the statues.I mainly combined in the creation of the inscription on the statues of the learning and reference,and lists the following works examples.
Keywords/Search Tags:formal beauty, line, structure, zhang Fa, creation and reference
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