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Study On The Formal Beauty Of Contemporary Chinese Lacquer Painting

Posted on:2013-10-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2235330395479348Subject:Fine Arts
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The study of contemporary lacquer painting has had a more significant development than ever before, in terms of its subject matter and form, which gets a new progress. And socio-cultural impact to be a bellwether of the lacquer painting creation, especially on the refinement of the theme, in the pursuit of beauty of Visual effects have their personality on display. Contemporary lacquer painting creation focus on the expression of artistic conception in form, style rendering on a variety of trend. The beauty of form as an artistic feature gets extensive attention of all kinds of art, because the art of writing content and form is highly combined,which actually has the most practical significance in the painting language studythis paper, based on the theory of form beauty, puts the formal language and formal beauty rule as the main body structure to analyze and discuss the contemporarary lacquer paiting. First of all, the creation of lacquer painting focusing on the formal language (composition, elements of formal beauty, the color of three aspects) was deconstructed and analyzed, making it as a contemporary lacquer painting composition concept, design means and aesthetic taste which lays a foundation of my analsysis. At the same time, I deply analyze the artistic conception in the expression on the performance, then put forward the form of language factors in emotion" embedded" functions. The second part is to analyze the creation of form beauty law. To put the law of formal beauty into use can assure the best picture, symmetry, balance, rhythm, which active whole picture form, bring the work the sense of beauty. The analsis to the creation of lacquer painting based on the formal beauty aims to enhance the aesthetic ability, expand creative space, continually to create a new form.
Keywords/Search Tags:Formal beauty of artistic, conceptions, morphology
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