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The Americanís Administrative Information Disclosure Systemís Changes And Revelations In Post-9.11 World

Posted on:2016-04-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The disclosure of government information has become a common concern of social problems in the legal system after the second world war.In 1946 the UN General Assembly adopted resolution fifty-ninth,announced the "right to know" is one of the basic human rights;the United Nations in 1948 "Universal Declaration of human rights"nineteenth of the "right to know" to make further provision:Everyone has the right to freedom to seek,receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.Since then,thecitizenísrighttoknow the constitution.Afterthat,many countries constitution directly or indirectly confirmed as one of the basic rights of the citizensí right to know.In this context,the government information disclosure has become a legal obligation,but alsobecome a citizen can apply for the right.All countries more developed legal system,generally acknowledged that citizens have the right to require the government to disclose the information.According to the Freedominfo Org website,there are 93 countries carried out the government information disclosure legislation.The publicity of government information,is the essence of administrative openness.The United States attaches great importance to the disclosure of government information,the second half of twentieth Century,promulgated a series of information disclosure law,the most important is the "freedom of Information Act","the sun of the federal law" "right of privacy law" etc..The formation of the government information publicity system more perfect.American legislation in the administrative public other than western countries,but also more complete,to a certain extent,played a role model for other countries.Wemay not be able to get a reality beyond the observation,and to discuss the practicalcompromise ",to deal with the interests of all parties to the game under different conditions.Development of information disclosure system of the United Statesgovernment has,is the leader,but signed by President Obama in May 9,2013 13642presidential decree is still in the adjustment of the system of information disclosure,to fit the current state.In other words,improve the system of disclosure of government information is alsoconstantly adapt to the information disclosure requirements under the new situation ofreform and development results.In this paper the development process from theinterception of the open system of government information for the 9.11 terrorist attacks,a series of policies introduced by the Bush government and the system of disclosure of government information on the changes and the influence of.In the first chapter,firstly,the framework of government information disclosure system and the basic principles are briefly introduced;the second chapter to the 9.11,after the Bush government information disclosure reform policy interpretation,mainly introduces the main content of reform,the information disclosure of information disclosure of relevant legislation,enforcement measures,information disclosure policy three the third chapter;interpretation and analysis of the change of content,to clarify the cause,purpose anddirection,the successful development of the cause of the change of his comprehensivereform;the first 3 chapters,and in a brief analysis of the status quo of the information disclosure of Chinaís protection and national security information,summed up theenlightenment,from the improvement of the legislation of information disclosure to strengthen the information disclosure system,put forward to perfect the Chineseproposal from the two aspects:the protection of national security.
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