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Legal Research On China's Information Disclosure Standards Under The Background Of Registration Reform

Posted on:2018-05-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C Y PanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2356330515980502Subject:Civil and Commercial Law
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The securities market of our country is preparing for the reform of stock issue registration system,and approval system,the registration system will be substantial auditing securities issued by regulatory agencies to focus on the duty of disclosure.In the registration system reform background,as investors will gradually increase the demand for information,and information disclosure status has been greatly improved,so the standard of information disclosure in China in the past due to the original in the legislation and practice of information disclosure and neglect will reveal many problems.It is very important to improve the existing standards of information disclosure.There are many differences between the registration system and the approval system.In the background of registration system,the status and requirements of information disclosure are very different.The second chapter of this article,through the research of information disclosure system itself,explains the difference between the information disclosure system and the approval system in the background of the registration system reform and the need to be improved.Under the background of the registration system reform,the existing laws and regulations of our country have been unable to give full play to the role of the information disclosure system.The third chapter of this paper analyzes and studies the current securities laws and regulations in China,and points out the shortcomings and deficiencies in the major information,insider information,risk factor information and predictive information disclosure standards in china.Foreign securities legislation,especially the United States securities legislation,there are many place worthy of our reference,the fourth chapter of this paper,based on the securities market information disclosure standards of different countries on the legislation of comparative study,find out for our country to perfect information disclosure system standard and experience.China's securities market has its own unique features,especially the retail investor groups.In the fifth chapter,the fourth chapter through to find foreign experience and combining with the system in-depth study of the actual situation of China's securities market,the major information mentioned in the third chapter of the insider information,risk factors of information and predictive information from fouraspects,as the standard of our country's information disclosure under the background of the registration system reform suggestion.
Keywords/Search Tags:Registration, Securities Information Disclosure, Significant information, Insider information, Forward-looking information, Risk information
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