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The Research On The Legal Regulation Of United States' Illegal Sports Betting

Posted on:2017-06-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The United States' sports betting is well developed, especially the lottery. The United States is one of the most developed Lottery Industry in the world, it is known as "the biggest lottery country". With the growing number of sporting events, some people with evil intentions to begin illegal gambling in sports events, they bet on the base of the results of the competition, in order to get good pay, some players run the risk of being disqualified to lose the game Intentionally, in order to get the benefit,Some referees leakage their own confidential information to the betting person. These acts seriously undermine the integrity, fairness and transparency of sports events, it also lose the audience' confidence which is about sporting events and sports-related Union. Because the United States is very value the cause of sports, so, in order to curb the illegal behavior of sports competitions, and minimize the negative impact of this kind of illegal behavior on sports events, the United States has taken a number of measures to regulate such behavior, One of the most prominent is the United States Congress adopted a number of laws which are regulate the illegal sports betting,these laws include the Wire Act, Travel Act, Illegal Gambling Business Act,Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, and Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. States develop the regulations to regulate the illegal sports betting in the state according to the characteristics of state law. A representative of the state of Nevada and Delaware. Title 41 of the Nevada Revised Statutes is devoted to Gaming, Horse Racing, and Sporting Events, also allows gambling on sports gambling. Delaware's state law allows people to operate sports lottery in the state. In Montana, sports pools and sports tab games are authorized by statute.The government and sports organization investigate the United States 'illegal sports betting. University sports organization and professional sports organization have the right to investigate the illegal sports betting of the sports organization. They exercise their powers within their purview, the National Collegiate Athletic Association is responsible for investigating the university's illegal sports betting, the professional sports league have the right to investigate the illegal sports betting of the professional sports. The people who offend these laws will be held criminally responsible, civil and legal responsibilities within the sports organization, such as imprisonment, fines, compensation and banned for life and so on. This research have enlightening significance for China. At the legislative level, China needs to formulatea unified “Lottery Act”; Setting illegal distribution, sales, sale of lottery sin; In judicial practice level, China needs to improve the government's criminal activities against illegal lotteries regulatory system; Strengthening cooperation between the public security departments; Investigating illegal sales of Lottery which is sold by Internet severely.
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