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On Legal Issues Of Vocational Athletic Sports Clubs

Posted on:2008-04-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Modern competitive sports have been industrialized and have achieved prosperity, competitive sports in China are also striding forward. By comparing the different modes of development and analyzing the deficiencies in the mechanism of competitive sports in China, a conclusion could be drawn: Competitive sports in China is sure to develop by adopting general market principles in the future, which demands vocational sports club as the carrier. As a special enterprise in the sports market, vocational sports club, which usually adopts corporate system as the type of organization, enjoys independent legal status. Its management is based on the cooperation among investor, operator, athletes and vocational sports club. However, athletes'influence on the club cannot be neglected. Therefore, compared with the management of a common company, the management and operation of a club should lay particular emphasis on the inspiration and monitoring of athletes.Due to competitive sports products'special features, in order to get profit, competitive sports industry need the cooperation among several professional sports clubs that enjoy roughly the same competitiveness. To maximize competition and restrict unfair competition, clubs have to delivery parts of rights through negotiation to form a profit community by organizing into a vocational sports league. American professional sports league with NBA as the representative, has laid down a series of league regulations and policies, and has achieved balance between the competitiveness of each club through manning and gains, to maximize the profit of each club. This shows that the development of professional sports club not only need to follow market rules and competitive sports rules but also demands policy support. The development of professional sports club in China should rely on the reform of the mechanism of professional sports. Only in the course of adopting market principles can professional sports club grow healthily. To reach this purpose, the government needs to assume its guiding role in the reform of competitive sports and to cultivate the idea of sports market. Secondly, according to the present situation of the vocational sports club in China, the role and purview of sports association for each item need to be specified; vocational sports club needs to be operated independently; and vocational sports league in its true meaning needs to be established. Lastly, competitive sports'going to the market demands policy support, so the development of vocational sports club should be promoted and safeguarded through the improvement of sports legal system.
Keywords/Search Tags:competitive sports, marketization, vocational sports club, vocational sports association
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