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A Study On The Entity Reform Of China Sports Association

Posted on:2021-03-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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China's reform and opening up has been more than 40 years,and China's social development has entered a "new era".The main contradictions in social development have changed,and more in-depth reform and development are needed to maintain and stimulate the vitality of the system and mechanism.With the deepening of the administrative system reform in our country,the reform and development of various undertakings in our country have entered the critical period and deep-water area.The direction of social organization reform is gradually moving towards a new governance mode of separating the government from the society,clearly defining the rights and responsibilities,and autonomy according to law,so that it will gradually move towards the market and the real society.As an important part of social development,sports is closely related to the two major national strategies of "sports power" and "healthy China".In this paper,through the research on the entity reform of China's individual sports associations,we actively interviewed the project centers and associations that are currently involved in the entity reform of the association,and provided front-line materials for the research;read a lot of literature on the reform of China's administrative system and sports system,and consult books on the entity reform of the association Material,to provide theoretical support for the study.Through in-depth discussion on the evolution process,evolution logic and specific reform form of the substantiation of China's Sports Association,with the help of Smith's policy implementation model,this paper analyzes the policy-making itself,policy implementation agencies,target groups and implementation environment in the reform process,explores the problems and constraints in the process of substantiation reform in China,and finally analyzes the Sports Association entity Put forward rational suggestions and ideas for the reform.Through the research,it is found that the reform of Sports Association in China has gone through five main stages: the preparation stage of reform(1986-1991),the preliminary stage of Project Center(1992-1998),the strengthening stage of Project Center(1999-2008),the gradual stage of association reform(2009-2014),and the deepening stage of association reform(2015-2020).Through the analysis of the five stages of the reform and development of the Sports Association,we have a deeper understanding of the reform process of China's sports system.At the same time,we have revealed the internal logic of the reform and development of the entity reform of China's Sports Association.First,the reform of the sports system is accompanied by the reform process of China's administrative system,from structural reconstruction to self-reform to autonomy according to law,and continues to develop in depth.The second is that the whole reform of Sports Association entity has always been promoted around the role of market in resource allocation.The current reform of association entity decoupling reflects the decisive role of sports market in sports resources.According to the evolution context and logic of the project association entity,the research shows that there are three main forms of the current association reform.The first is the comprehensive self-government mode,which mainly includes the first batch of industry chambers of Commerce and some non Olympic project associations.The second is the association autonomy mode under the supervision of the government,including football association and other Olympic sports associations that have been decoupled;the third is the management mode of the government agency association,which is mainly the association that has not been decoupled,including a certain number of Olympic and non Olympic sports associations.Combined with Smith's policy implementation model,this paper analyzes four aspects of the problem,which are mainly focused on five aspects: policy form,policy type,policy origin,social impression and policy effect.In the aspect of policy implementation agency,it includes four aspects: the structure and personnel of implementation agency,leadership style and skills,implementation ability and confidence,and implementation mechanism.In terms of target groups,it includes the degree of organizational development and the situation of accepting leadership.In terms of policy environment,it includes internal environment and external environment.Through the analysis of the deep-seated influencing factors of the physical reform of China's Sports Association,there are three aspects.First,the relationship among the government,the market and the association is not clear,and the mutual inhibition efficiency is obvious;second,the inertia of the traditional bureaucratic management results in the poor coordination between the governments;third,the physical reform of the sports association is due to the rapid transformation from "management" to "governance",and the lack of the supporting system of the association.According to the deep influencing factors,the paper puts forward the direction and suggestions for the future development of project association substantiation.First,to clarify the relationship among the government,association and market,we can start with defining the new role of the government and defining the responsibilities of the government,association and market,and adjusting the focus of governance of the Association;second,to strengthen the positive transformation of the governance mode of the government departments,and to establish the inter ministerial joint meeting of association reform and the joint meeting of sports sector Association;third,to improve the construction of the government supervision and security system The fourth is to establish and improve the system of good governance of association management by law,which can be carried out from three aspects: the determination of the independence of association governance,the construction of internal governance capacity of association,and the reconstruction of project association governance procedures.Based on the specific national conditions of China's sports development,the physical reform of China's individual sports associations should build a sports system with Chinese characteristics that combines the Olympic preparation mode under the supervision of the legal autonomy and the government of associations,so as to realize the modernization of the governance system and capacity in the field of sports,and actively promote China's progress from a "sports huge" to a "sports power".
Keywords/Search Tags:Sports Association, sports system, sports reform, Smith policy implementation model, political social separation
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