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Research On Risk Evaluation Of Public Sector Employment In The Labor Dispatch

Posted on:2016-04-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2336330503494786Subject:Public management
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In the market economic activities, as a pattern of recruitment and employment with long history, the labor dispatching has been developing worldwide including our country. It is one of the most widely-used ways of employment in almost all industries. Meanwhile, some governments,public institutions along with non-governmental organizations begin to hire amounts of dispatched labors as human Resource. Labor dispatching plays a key role in public sector recruitment. Though its legitimacy and norm of business has been solved by the law, we must realize that despite labor dispatching benefits the society, dispatching organizations, public sector and dispatching employees as well, limitations canít be ignored.Each related side will undertake a lot of risks especially in the background of implementation of ?The Labor Contract Law?. Thus how to deal with and prevent this kind of risk is of most vital and urgent for public sector.For the public sector, risks mainly come from the social and another two sides related to the dispatching activity. The implementation of ?The Labor Contract Law?leads to more strict hiring environment and brings more cost both in hiring labors and breaking the law. Risks from dispatching organizations may be found as below: firstly, the intelligences and qualifications of d organizations canít be guaranteed at present; secondly, the strict provision of ?The Labor Contract Law?will urge a lot of dispatching organizations to encounter difficulties in operations because of the limited financial capability, which willinfluence cooperated public sector as the same time; thirdly, the credit of dispatching organizations, whether it can assume the related obligation according to the contract provision or not, and whether it can work well as the bridge between the dispatching organizations and dispatching employees. Risks from the dispatching employees can mainly be proved in the management of themselves, which shows management ability of public sector to some extent. It includes: information security and intellectual property protection with the flow of dispatching employees.Risks for public sector will be identified and evaluated from social aspects, dispatching organizations, public sector and dispatching employees as a whole. Once identifying the risk, five types of risks will be summed up including social risks, credit risks, cost risks, law risks,management risks from the qualitative angle. In addition, setting up the risk valuation model on the basis of fuzzy mathematics model in order to have a quantitative understanding of the extent of risk. In the end, the basic ideas together with the detailed solutions will be put forward aiming to be some help to the public sector.
Keywords/Search Tags:labor dispatching, public sector, employing risk evaluation
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