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Nationalism Of Chinese Citizen:Current Situation,Influencing Factors And Countermeasure Analysis

Posted on:2018-04-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2336330512479588Subject:Public administration
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Nationalism provides an inexhaustible motive force for the development of human history.Rational nationalism is conducive to safeguarding national unity and social stability,while irrational nationalism is apt to cause conflicts and frictions.Therefore,only reasonable guide and effective control could ensure that nationalism play a positive role.In current situation,the theoretical study of Chinese nationalism is quite adequate,but only few people study for the problem that related to the current situation and influencing factors of nationalism.Thus this paper makes use of the large sample data which obtained from the"2015 China Social Governance Survey",using stata 12.0 as analysis tool,to interpret the present situation of the nationalism of Chinese citizens.At the same time,we select four groups(including the demographic variable group,the media contact variable group,the political participation variable group,the economic performance variable group)22 variables to explore the influencing factors of the nationalism of Chinese citizens,expecting to obtain a result with reference significance.Through data analysis we found following conclusions:the Chinese citizens show a high level of nationalism;education level,internet contact frequency,the institutionalized political participation,opinion reflection,the assessment of the state of the economy and the future performance of the family has significant effects on nationalism and with stable performance.Among them,the higher the education level,the lower the nationalism;with the increasing of the frequency of internet utilization,the nationalism of Chinese people will gradually decrease;people with institutionalized political participation experience have higher nationalism than people without institutionalized political participation;the nationalism of people who used to refect opion to relevent departments is lower than people who never do such thing;people with optimistic estimate to current state of the economy and future performance of family economy will have higher nationalism than others.
Keywords/Search Tags:Nationalism, Media Contact, Political Participation, Economic Performance, Regression Analysis
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