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Research On The X City’s Construction Of New Rural Culture Under The Background Of Balancing Urban And Rural Development

Posted on:2018-08-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z Z GuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2336330512493425Subject:Marxism in China
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As a whole under the background of urban and rural development,rural economy has been significant development,but the goal of urban-rural integration also has the very big difference.Because urban and rural development as a whole,not just in the construction of rural material civilization,but also the construction of rural spiritual civilization.Only make new rural culture construction,and constantly satisfy the spiritual and cultural needs of the villagers,the villagers get all-round development,can better realize urban and rural development as a whole,the better the construction of a harmonious socialist society.In this paper,on the basis of the sinicization of marxist cultural theory,marxist position and point of view of culture.On the basis of field investigation and collecting information,found that X city new rural culture construction exists the following problems: cultural facilities management does not reach the designated position,content monotonous,single form,culture lack of professional talents,the villagers backward cultural concept,enthusiasm is not high.Analysis its reason mainly has: the village cadres neglect value,ignore the input,the new rural cultural construction tasks,the formalization,ignore the villagers of the actual demand,combined with the social enterprise and social community disregard for cultural construction,the villagers not active in the cultural construction of the countryside.According to X,existing problems and causes of the new rural culture construction,improve the village cadres know,concerned about the villagers cultural needs,developing rural culture style,enhance the professional quality of the culture,guide enterprises to participate in,improving villagers’ positive participation aspects put forward the countermeasures.New rural cultural construction is an important content of rural economic and social development,based on the research of the X city new rural culture construction,from the aspects of reality to explore the problems of new rural culture construction,hoping to enrich the combination of theory with practical rural research results about the rural cultural construction,so as to promote socialist new rural construction,to better realize the urban and rural development as a whole.
Keywords/Search Tags:Coordination, New Countryside, Cultural Construction
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