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A Research On The Chinese Procedure Reform Of Criminal Expeditious Adjudication

Posted on:2017-09-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In the June 2016,The Criminal Expeditious Adjudication executed in some areas by the Supreme Court or by The People’s Procuratorates of the People’s Republic of China was approved by the NPC Standing Committee.It is the symbol of the formal start of the Criminal Expeditious Adjudication.And it includes 18 areas for 2 years testing.Until now,this work has reached its end,and the results are concluding by the relevant units.Therefore,basing on the discussion of their work,this paper intends to give some suggestions for the legislation.The Simplified Criminal Procedure was innovated through a serious of reforms—in 1996,it began to exist;in 2003 it became to the General Simplified Procedure;and in 2012 the new Criminal Procedure Law was revised—all these attempts are expanded the scope of applicable cases basing on our state’s conditions.However,with the deepening of the practice,these reforms are not suiting our country’s development.Therefore,the Criminal Expeditious Adjudication came into being.Basing on the historical retrospect and present analysis,this paper points out the problems existed in the Criminal Expeditious Adjudication.Through the comparison between China and other countries,it analyzes the rational components which may have a positive influence on our juridical practices.This paper has five parts:The first part is the implication and the origin of our country’s Criminal Expeditious Adjudication.With a historical retrospect on the Simplified Criminal Procedure,General Simplified Procedure as well as the new Criminal Procedure,it discusses the causes and the significance of the Criminal Expeditious Adjudication.The second part is the definition of the Criminal Expeditious Adjudication.With the comparison to the above three,it locates the characters and functions of the Criminal Expeditious Adjudication.The third part exposes the problems in current Criminal Expeditious Adjudication.Through data analysis,it points out the current problems.The forth part investigates the overseas Simplified Criminal Procedure.Through the discussion,it seeks the meaning of our reformation.The fifth part gives suggestions on our Criminal Expeditious Adjudication.Basing on the problems put forward,it gives effective solutions for the aims of high proficiency of Criminal Procedure and optimization of judicial resources.
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