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The Study On The Construction Of The Leadership Ability Of The Communist Party Of China From The Perspective Of The Modernization Of National Governance

Posted on:2017-07-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2336330536954195Subject:Political science
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The rise of governance theory in the world has led to the thinking of the mode of national governance,achieving the result of modernization of national governance has become a common theme and unremitting pursuit of the world.Through Reviewing the history,not only having the United States and Germany's successful governance model to achieve a strong country,but also existing one consequence that the most Latin American countries' failure mode which lead to the country's turmoil,but also appearing the evolution process from political-oriented governance model to economy-oriented governance model to service-oriented governance model since the founding of The People's Republic of China.The Third Plenary Session of the eighteen Congress of the Communist Party of China coming out a new concept that the goal of deepening comprehensive reform to improve and develop the socialist system with Chinese characteristics and modernizing the national governance system and capabilities in the first time.It has been more cleared that the realization of the modernization of national governance is the central goal of our country in the future.As the core of leadership Chinese socialism,for the sake of undertaking the task of realizing the modernization of national governance in China,The Communist Party of China must meet the requirement of the leadership ability for realizing the modernization of national governance in China.Thus,this article has analyzed the challenges of the three aspects that is political,economic,and cultural that are China's facing in the context of the Internet era with the literature analysis method,then has summed up four aspect of leadership ability that are the Basic capacity,the Enculturation ability,the Resource integration capability and the System application ability,in the basic of Combining with China's national conditions and getting the Experience and lessons from the United States,Germany and Latin American countries with the Historical analysis method,summarized four aspect of ways that are Renewing idea,Strengthening the rule of law,balancing difference and Optimizing Government for strengthening the leadership ofthe Communist Party of China and realizing the modernization of China's national governance.
Keywords/Search Tags:State governance, the Communist Party of China, the leadership ability
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