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Research On The Construction Of The Party 's Ruling Ability From The Perspective Of State Administration Modernization

Posted on:2016-08-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2176330461960920Subject:Chinese Communist Party
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The third plenary session of the 18 points out that the goals of comprehensively deepen reform is to improve and develop the socialist system with Chinese characteristics,and to promote the modernization of national governance system and governance ability. An important goal of deepening reform is the modernization of National governance system and governance ability,and the party’s ruling ability construction is an eternal topic in the construction of the ruling party.The basic logic relationship between governing modern and the party’s ruling ability construction is the modernization of governance and the party’s ruling ability construction can fit each other, and the modernization of national governance need the construction of the ruling party relize modernization, that is to say, it also requires the party’s ruling ability to relize modernization.State management modernization is a new understanding about the construction of the state and society, it basically want to build a modern state, the modern society.In the governance of modern category, the development of economic globalization, political democratization waves, cultural diversity, difficulties in social transformation and the highlights of ecological political are all continuously put forward new challenge to the party’s ruling ability construction.Within the governance of modern vision, the history and the era give the mission and responsibility to the governing party is constantly improves the ruling capability of party,and it is a task that the construction of the ruling party can not avoid and escape.Governance gives new connotations and requirements to ruling ability construction of modernization of the ruling party’s, it includes the ability of condensed governance goal,the ability of innovation management concept,the ability of build a system of governance,the ability of improve the governance ways,the ability to shape the governance network and the ability to relize the governance action.The communist party of China as the center axis of the state and society construction structure in China and a marxist ruling party the communist party of China, the realization of the modernization of governance need it to lead, organize and promote.In the process of modernization, the key of governing party’s ruling ability construction is starting from the construction of the ruling party itself, and then improve the ability and level of their own governance and internal governance by the ruling party, it includes stength the guidance of ideological value,change the organization management, improve the style of governance, sharpen corruption governance and perfect the reform of system.
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