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Analysis Of The Causes Of Medical Disputes And Countermeasures

Posted on:2018-10-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the progress of society,rapid and steady development of the market economy,improve people's living standards,China's medical and health services have been greatly developed,the international technical exchanges increased,the level of diagnosis and treatment,medical technology,medical personnel have been a huge improvement,the per capita life also increased obviously,but the social satisfaction of medical service is falling.With the continuous deepening of medical system reform,the national medical conditions greatly improved,demand for health and medical services is also rising,to receive treatment at the same time increasing awareness of personal rights,at the same time with the development of market economy,the past the warmth of the doctor-patient relationship has become cold and rigid,limitations,treatment the uncertainty and high risk of medical development and makes the contradictions have become increasingly prominent,physician-patient dispute cases increased year by year,and even hurt doctors,doctors kill incidents,this situation is not conducive to the protection of the rights of patients,but also seriously dampened the enthusiasm of the medical workers,hinder medical career exploration and progress,affecting social harmony and stability the development,has become a social problem to be solved urgently.Based on the review of the related literature at home and abroad,based on a hospital(S hospital)from 2011-2015 the medical disputes data were summarized and analyzed,summed up the distribution characteristics and laws of medical disputes: the occurrence of disputes were common,occurring in surgical system was higher than that of other departments,high the doctor makes high incidence of medical disputes,a liability dispute is higher than the proportion of non liability disputes.With the doctors and the medical dispute with the government and public opinion,media and other factors related to.Due to the fact that the medical level of doctor-patient communication is not in place,the level of medical technology limited,lack of experience,mutual distrust between doctors and patients,hospital management is not in place;the patient medical information is insufficient,the psychological expectations are too high,the burden of medical costs,adverse emotional impact and other issues;lack of government investment,economic and health resources the configuration is not balanced,the system and regulations are not perfect and the media role together,exacerbated the deterioration of the doctor-patient relationship,the doctor-patient disputes frequently.Through the analysis of the causes of disputes,this article focuses on the prevention of medical dispute of doctors and patients,social and other preventive measures.The government to increase the medical industry regulation,optimize the allocation of health resources,improve the national health care system,perfect system of dispute settlement system,the implementation of the medical liability insurance system in the hospital;strengthen medical personnel dispute prevention consciousness and humanistic care consciousness,improve communication skills and the level of medical technology,improve the occupation accomplishment,strict medical quality management,establish and improve the hospital grading management system and crisis management system;to guide the patients to establish reasonable medical expectations,improve the legal consciousness,improve the dispute resolution channels.
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