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Research On New Problems And Countermeasures Of Doctor-patient Relationship In The Media Environment

Posted on:2019-11-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330548479164Subject:Public management
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The doctor-patient relationship has always been the focus of attention of the medical system reform,China's current doctor-patient relations remained tense,not only damage the image doctor,resulting in hospital of normal medical order is interrupted,but also not conducive to building a harmonious doctor-patient relationship in China,is not conducive to the harmonious development of society.Especially with the rapid development from the media platform,there have been some new changes in China's current doctor-patient relationship,brings some new challenges to China's economic and social development,how to deal with these new changes,put forward relevant measures,is one of the key topics of the current management of doctor-patient relationship in China can not be ignored.This article through literature research,the research methods of field investigation,the doctor-patient relationship related issues under the media environment,are analyzed firstly in the overview on the media and the doctor-patient relationship is related to the theoretical basis,the current media development environment,some new changes of the doctor-patient relationship appears study on the current development from the media,there are some new doctor-patient relationship was studied,and put forward relevant policy recommendations,specifically,the study found:Since the media in the development environment,some new changes have appeared in the doctor-patient relationship,mainly due to spread from the media platform for information dissemination is wider,faster,larger,the dissemination of information between doctors and patients appeared some new changes,in the current doctor-patient relationship to bring certain influence,mainly further in the doctor's damaged image,further strained doctor-patient relationship.Under the development environment of the media,doctor-patient relationship has brought some challenges to the society,mainly on the one hand,it brings challenges to the social management of the government,on the other hand,it affects the normal medical order and is not conducive to the construction of harmonious medical relationship.Since the media development environment,the main reason of the doctor-patient relationship appears new changes,on the one hand is the current government management mechanism for the doctor-patient relationship is not perfect,on the other hand,the way to deal with the hospital is not correct,and people have complained of social psychology,with the herd mentality,since the media platform for information related to the audit mechanism is not perfect and so on.Is mainly caused by the emergence of new changes in the doctor-patient relationship.The government should further guidance,the hospital should have a method of wireless management,deal with medical disputes,we should further strengthen the individual rationality,related media platform,should forward the doctor-patient relationship content from the media platform on the prudent,since the media platform also should strengthen the information related to the audit,building a harmonious doctor-patient relationship.
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