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Study On Legislation Of Cyber Supervision Of Cambodia

Posted on:2017-10-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330485497977Subject:International law
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Cyber Security is a controversial issue that many countries around world are facing, and the problem is getting bigger and bigger. W e can observe that cyber-attack is going on all form and all environment. Together with all form of attacki ng, we also saw the action of defense and counterattack of cyber-attack by the measure and policy of each country. Cambodia is a developing country which is modern technologies still have not advance yet. Even Ca mbodian youth today are dramatically enjoying with m odern materialism, they do not perfectly attach them selves within its technology advancement too. On contrary, the usage of internet of Cambodian youth is surprisingly noticeable since they greatly follow the freedo m of world internet tendency due to the incre asing number of people loving the field of information technology, exchanging knowledge from ones to another and the further passionate researchi ng. From 2011 to 2015, Cam bodia had experienced many cases of Facebook espionage, and it also had been changed the d ata of Facebook account users. Additionally, it is clearly seen that us ing inappropriate words and unacceptable harassed words to each other through Facebook are being happene d this recently, more seriously than this, being slandered onto government in accordance to incitement by challenging political parties makes Cambodian society to be anarchy w hich is hardly controlled. Moreover, in the past year of 2015, there were websites security syst em attacks in national departm ents, companies and som e other banks in which were significant destroyed data including propagandas threatening. Because of these matters, Cambodian governm ent has a m ust obligation to take over cont rol otherwise bloom ing uncontrollably situations like that will bring nation into great danger. Due to the facts that there is not a middle path of way for them to set as their principle like law and general awareness in order to analyze the truly situations, considerations, and make judgments on the major factors, therefore, it is inevitable to avoid negative im pacts to the w hole nation such as human resources, econom ical downgrade, security instability and emergency national warning.Although the world is seeking for action to take in order to prevent offenses which m aybe occurred, Cambodia is still not able to draft a precise law relating to this. This is because Cambodia has not encountered serious proble ms with this issue yet. Howeve r, it is observed that, Cam bodia has not clearly defined the directio n of its drafting out the shape of the law, as th e world is als o facing controversy in revising the rules of international rivalry between superpower countries. The management of the Internet conne ction requires measures and policies; if the governm ent sets out the policies and m easures correctly, it will make the sector has a progress f aster and can m ake management more efficient. Meanwhile defended the move, government calling it necessary n ot only for the control of online crim es like hacking, but also for th e suppression of “incitement” and of “racist” and “insulting” langua ge, along with undefined threats to national security. To fighting against cybercrime require a comprehensive m easure. Provided only technical m ethods cannot prevent any crime, it is critical that law enforcem ent office allowed to inves tigate and prosecute cybercrime effectively, by establis h an apartment like those in othe r countries in order to protect social order, national security, and the private security of all citizens. The planned department will cooperate with all the involved ins titutions in order to intercept on line crime, because if that crim e is not halted, it will put societ y in danger. Moreover it provides Cambodia legislator a convenient way to draft law in according to government policy.As the experience of China, China had superv ised the internet systems by the nation policy and in accordance with some essential regulation, which is necessary only prove the Chinese before draft a law, Therefore, the Chinese Governm ent clearly understand the realities of cyber space. In addition, China has a good experien ce of ensure the freedom of expression that Cambodia should learn, in the other hand China is currently in progress in inform ation technology and has been recognized as the powers of the technology as Am erican and many other leading powers country in the world. Thus Ca mbodia should consider experi ences, as well as sending students to study techniques of management and tracking more from China to reach a p rogressive management and efficiency. In comparison to the European Union, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, of which Cambodia is a member, has yet to provide any real leadership in terms of cyber legislation. The Association of Southeast Asian Nations has acknowledged that cyber-cri mes are an area to address through “capacity buildin g, information sharing and intelligence exch ange” between member states, indicating willingness for interstate cooperation. Fu rthermore, in October 2011, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations m embers announce cyber-crim e to be one of the eight significance areas for avoiding and fighting multinational crime, however, little has been done so far towards developing related conventions or strategies which would provide concrete solutions for these issues.
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