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The Optimization Analysis Of The Research Methods Of The Government Decision Consulting Institutions In China

Posted on:2017-02-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330488485633Subject:Administrative Management
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Since 18th CPC National Congress, the General Secretary Xi attaches great importance to the construction of decision-making consultation mechanism and make many instructions. The General Secretary Xi asked all localities and departments attach importance to the construction of decision-making consultation mechanism, and accelerate the legalization of decision-making consultation institutes. In January 2015, the general office of the State Council issued Opinions on strengthening the construction of new think tanks with Chinese characteristics. Opinions stressed the need to pay attention to interdisciplinary research, research methods, technical means and innovation of policy analysis tools, to provide academic support and methodological support for decision-making. However, there is little systematic research on the methodology of decision making. China has not yet formed a unified and complete method system. The research method innovation optimization support condition is also not complete. Therefore, it is of great significance to study the application status of the research methods and the innovation optimization of the government decision-making consultation institutes. It helps to optimize the decision-making organization policy process, strengthen policy research and the accuracy of reputation. The article is divided into three parts:Part one:Introduction and overview, namely the introduction and the first chapter. This part describes the origin and significance of the study, research review. In addition, it also defines the concept of the research method of the government decision-making consultation institutes and the government decision-making consultation institutes, and clarifies the research methods.The second part:Empirical research, which is the second chapter and the third chapter, is a very important part of the study. This part choose ten representative government decision-making consultation agencies from 2009 to 2014 years of research results as the analysis object, using a sample survey, questionnaire survey, mathematical statistics method draws the status of six years of research methods, the existing problems and their causes.The third part:Countermeasures and prospects, namely the fourth chapter of the article. This part analyzed the necessity and feasibility of the optimization method, and puts forward the countermeasures from strengthening soft science theory research, to improve the scientific level of government decision-making, to perfect the system of personnel management and institutional reform of the existing management system four aspects.The innovation of this paper is to optimize the research method of the government decision-making consultation institutes as a research perspective, with a certain novelty. Based on the web site and field research, the use of research methods of decision-making advisory body is analyzed. In addition, the combination of the research group of the survey questionnaire,from the research method user, research method carrying platform, research report using the object, the research method theoretical basis of the four dimensions to explore the decision-making consultation institutes research method optimization influence factors.
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