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The Study Of We Chat Governance In The Internet Era

Posted on:2018-01-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330512491502Subject:Administrative Management
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With the continuous development of the social network information service,mobile network has covered the world,and all kinds of Internet based mobile phone APP plays an increasingly important role in people’s social life,leads people into the fingertips of the "micro age".WeChat is a network of social media software,has been widely welcomed by users since its release,the number of active users has reached 768 million,has become the most influential social platform class software.With the increasing functionality of the software,WeChat provides users with a great convenience in all aspects of basic necessities.But at the same time,a large number of users to WeChat also brings a lot of problems,and thus affect people’s social life.Therefore,the use of carefully study the current our country caused WeChat which effects on social development,What are the manifestations of these effects,and the face of the negative impact on the government’s public sector,WeChat operating platform and the public should be how to manage,for the development of the society,is a very important research topic.This paper is divided into six chapters:The first chapter is the introduction,which introduces the research background,research significance,domestic and foreign research review,research ideas,research methods,concept definition,and so on;The second chapter focuses on the theoretical analysis framework of this paper,from the external environment,collaborative motivation,collaborative engine,collaborative behavior and collaborative consequences of factors such as collaborative governance analysis;The third chapter analyzes the necessity of WeChat governance in our country.This paper from the maintenance of social security requirements,maintain network social order,the three aspects of requirements of market economy behavior specific analysis of the necessity of WeChat governance in our country.The fourth chapter analyzes the status of China’s WeChat governance based on the framework of collaborative governance theory proposed in the second chapter.The fifth chapter is based on the analysis of the third chapter and the fourth chapter,from the government’s public sector,WeChat operating platform,the public and collaborative management system at all levels of analysis,the comprehensive management of China’s plight in the process of WeChat.The sixth chapter is based on the fourth chapter and the fifth chapter of China’s WeChat management status analysis and management difficulties of analysis,further put forward the path of We Chat governance in our country.From the government’s public sector monitoring and management level,operation level and social public self-purification platform level as well as the WeChat collaborative governance system perspective,put forward relevant management strategy of WeChat and suggestions.
Keywords/Search Tags:Network Era, WeChat, Collaborative governance, Countermeasures
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