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Research On Legal Regulation Of American Civil Nuclear Facilities Safety

Posted on:2018-03-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years, due to air pollution, global warming is becoming more and more obvious. The rapid development of economy in China, in turn, at the expense of the environment. More and more haze weather appeared at the whole country. In December 2015, the climate conference held in Paris, 195 states parties accepted the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, which further increase the pressure on China's future development. Global carbon emissions reduction for China depends on the development of energy. Coal as the main energy in the past of China suffered severe challenges. To cope with the tense situation of energy in recent years, the Chinese government committed to develop the clean and efficient nuclear power. The number of the reactors under construction in China is the top one in the world. With the continuous improvement of nuclear power technology, the Chinese government has put forward the nuclear energy strategy of "going out". On the one hand, this strategy could proceed the international energy cooperation and increase nuclear power technology in China. On the other hand, which may also promote the development of China's export economy. However, both the construction of nuclear power and nuclear power go abroad are requested on the bases of nuclear security, that also be the precondition.Strengthen nuclear security can not without specification nuclear safety regulation. Only complete the nuclear safety regulatory system can make the development of national nuclear safety stable and efficient. America as one of the earliest countries used civilian nuclear energy, the nuclear safety regulatory system is the important reference to our country.The author of this paper suggests that America has been the famous Three Mile Island nuclear accident, nevertheless, who has the largest number of reactors in the world, and no more serious nuclear safety accident in recent decades, its civil nuclear facilities safety regulation become much more comprehensive and effective. It is this article intention to accept the advantage and reject the disadvantage by discusses the nuclear safety regulatory main regime of the United States. The first part, on the basis of the definition of civil nuclear facilities safety regulatory system, mainly analyzes the American civil nuclear facilities safety regulatory system. Firstly, this paper define the concept and properties of civil nuclear facilities safety regulation. Secondly, this paper introduce the American legal system and management of nuclear safety regulatory agencies. And then, respectively from the second part to the fifth part, this paper introduce the main four legal regimes of the civil nuclear facilities safety regulation in the United States,namely the licensing system of civil nuclear facilities establishing,safety supervision system for nuclear waste disposal in the civil nuclear facilities operation,accident emergency regulation system in the civil nuclear facilities operation and safety supervision system of civil nuclear facilities decommissioned. By analyzing the system of legal basis and practical experience, this paper try to evaluate its regulatory action or give some advice. The sixth part analyzes the problems about the civil nuclear facilities safety regulatory system in China and offers the corresponding solutions, in order to perfect our country's civil nuclear facilities safety regulation legal system.The original idea of this paper is how the American safety regulation legal system regulate the civil nuclear facilities and promote the domestic civil nuclear industry. This paper discusses the main four aspects of the nuclear safety regulatory for the advantages and disadvantages in the operation of civil nuclear facilities of the United States. Above all, which could help China design civil nuclear facilities safety regulatory system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Civil Nuclear Facilities, Operation License Regime, Nuclear Waste Nuclear Emergency, Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities
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