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On The Government Supervision Of Risk Management In Chinese Commercial Banks

Posted on:2018-12-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330512499809Subject:Public Administration
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Financial institutions play an important role in the national economy,which is closely related to economic development and social stability.It also can regulate,reflect and supervise economic development,and optimize the allocation of funds.As the main body of financial institutions,banking industry is in the central position of the modern economy.Since 1980 s,with the development of the banking industry change rapidly,competition also is becoming increasingly fierce,and operational risk come with it,especially the banking crisis has been widespread concern in the international community.Since China has entered WTO,the openness of the market increasing,the competition in financial market also is becoming increasingly fierce,and the followed operational risk is also growing.In the banking industry,commercial banks are "protagonists",and they are irreplaceable parts of a country’s financial system reform.Government regulation plays an important role in the healthy and steady development of banking industry.However,in the continuous development and reform of China’s banking sector,the government supervision on the banking industry is not perfect,highlighting the lack of supervision and dislocation.By drawing on and applying advanced foreign concepts of supervision,it can help China’s commercial banks to establish a modern overall risk management system.At present,China’s government supervision is in a stage shifting from compliance supervision to risk supervision,only by continuously strengthening supervision,gradually improving and optimizing supervision system of commercial banks,can they have a strong ability to resist risks in the market economy.They are able to overcome difficulties they face,grasp opportunities they meet on time,so as to ensure the healthy operation and development of China’s commercial banks.Based on related theories about commercial bank risk management and government supervision both at home and abroad,and through the analysis of government supervision situation of risk management in Chinese commercial banks,this paper finds out the main problems of Chinese government’s risk supervision system in commercial banks,analyzes the causes of these problems,and puts forward feasible suggestions for supervision systems according to actual situation of Baoshang Bank of Inner Mongolia.
Keywords/Search Tags:commercial bank, government supervision, risk management
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