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Research On Delicacy Management Of Government Official Affairs In Inner Mongolia

Posted on:2018-11-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330512999808Subject:Public Administration
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Government offices administration is related to the work quality,efficiency,image,and even affect the normal operation of organs.Government offices need services,must be guaranted both quality and quantity,in order to enable the smooth development of the work of government officials.At present,the functions of government are gradually changing from planning type,leading type to macroscopic adjustment type and service type,and the social function of government affairs administrative organ is adjusted accordingly.At the same time,government affairs administrative organ,as one of the biggest administrative organs,Personnel,organization,management is difficult;urgent need to create tasks with the task of adapting to the new organ affairs management.In this situation,it is particularly important to reform and innovate the theory and methods of government affairs management.It is a necessary measure to promote the management innovation of our district government,build service-oriented government and deepen the reform of administrative system.It is important to study delicacy management of government affairs both theoretically and practically.Delicacy management is aimed to improve efficiency,reduce costs for the purpose of scientific management,based on precise operation,precise control is characterized by a management approach.First,work with the organs to protect the organs of efficient operation,the implementation of economic requirements fit.The second is the perfection of service-oriented government theory.It can be considered that the fine management of government affairs is the only way to build a service-oriented government.Through the research on the fine management of the government affairs,it can get a more comprehensive and comprehensive understanding of the service-oriented government theory.The third is to promote the development of socialist harmonious society theory.The realization of meticulous management of government affairs can better meet the citizensí demand for public services and help the benign change of the government system,which is an important way to construct a socialist harmonious society.Therefore,the research on the delicacy theory of government affairs management has enriched the theory of harmonious socialism with Chinese characteristics.Secondly,it is greatly practical significance to study the fine management of government affairs.Theory,although derived from practice,but in turn provide guidance for practice.It is helpful to get rid of the theoretical troubles in the construction of service-oriented government and to provide strong theoretical guidance for building a service-oriented government so as to avoid mistakes or deviations in the process of transformation of government functions,in order to solve the process of economic development in a variety of social problems and contradictions to specify the direction and road.In this paper,the research on delicacy management of government affairs in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is carried out,and the connotation and concept of fine management of government affairs are enumerated,and the problems and the reasons of the fine management of government affairs in Inner Mongolia are discussed.At last the solution strategy is provided.
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