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A Study On The Response Of Mexican Anti-Chinese Movement In The 1930s In China

Posted on:2018-05-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330515963276Subject:China's modern history
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During the early 20 th century,because of political,economic and other reasons,a great number of anti-China movement was happened,in which thirties of the anti-Chinese movement was the longest and most intense.Meanwhile it caused a serious loss of life and property to the Mexican overseas Chinese.Facing the fierce exclusion of Mexico,China has made a corresponding response from all walks of life.Whether it is the national government,officials,or intellectuals,overseas Chinese,nationals,are actively taking relief or self-help action to resist the Mexican exclusion.This article specifically discusses the thirties of the Mexican anti-China movement and the response from all walks of life in China,in addition to the introduction,there are a total of four chapters.First of all,the first chapter mainly discusses the origin of the Mexican antiwar movement,including its rise and development process.From Mexico,China,the United States and Japan,the impact of these three aspects of the specific analysis of the reasons for its rise,at the same time,by time and region to briefly recall the three stages of its experience,from the overall show of Mexican anti-China movement.Later,through the "exclusion process and way" to focus on the 30ís Mexican China,show its characteristics,and then discusses its impact.Secondly,the second and third chapters mainly discuss the reaction and the approach taken by the Chinese people from all walks of life in the 1930 s in the face of the Mexican anti-China movement,with the national government,officials,group organizations,patriotic intellectuals and overseas Chinese.Finally,the fourth chapter mainly makes a comprehensive evaluation and comparative analysis on the response of the two groups of the government and the public,and then deepens the understanding of the foreign policy of the national government,especially the change of the overseas Chinese policy and the Sino-Mexican diplomatic relations.
Keywords/Search Tags:Mexico, anti-China movement, overseas Chinese affairs, national government
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