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Research On The Problems And Countermeasures Of Information Work Of County Partv Committee

Posted on:2018-07-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330515988949Subject:Public administration
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The Party committee information organization is the national functional organization that completes the party's information collection,sorting and processing,and the relevant information to be released and stored.Party committee information organization is to complete the Party Central Committee and Party committees at all levels of information receiving and feedback media.As a ruling party,the party's decision accuracy is related to people's well-being and the rise and fall of the country.The party at the grassroots level,information departments at the county level in information collection is directly related to the local economic and social development.County level in the party and the country's organizational structure is in a critical position,therefore,to strengthen the county Party committee information work,to improve the party's ruling ability is of great significance.In recent years,with the continuous development of communication technology,the network makes people's lives more convenient,but also makes the dissemination of information more convenient.Once the Party committee information department to receive emergency information,you need to report to the leadership and the higher authorities at the first level,each level of fine processing requires information with confidentiality,accuracy,effectiveness.This also led to the actual work,the Party committee to obtain information and reporting than the news media has been delayed.Under normal circumstances,the Party committee information agencies have not received emergencyinformation,the masses and superiors have learned it through the Internet and the news media.Especially in the party information work of county departments,because of inadequate infrastructure,staffing is not complete,and the concept of individual grass-roots leadership mistakes,such as worry about the negative influence of information submitted to the image of their own achievements and places,sometimes even the information back,the important role of the Party committee of the County information work gradually eliminate more.Cause disorder,caused some negative effects to the Party committee and the Party Committee decision.This paper discusses the problems existing in the current work of the party committees at the county level,the challenges faced,and the ways to deal with them.This paper includes four parts:The first chapter is the concept and status of information work of county Party committee.This paper expounds the concept of information work of county Party committee and introduces the function and characteristics of county-level party committee's information work,which shows that the information work of county Party committee is important to the decision-making and leadership of Party committee.The second chapter of the county party committee information work situation.By introducing the development trend of information work of county Party committee,this paper analyzes the existing problems and combines the background of accelerating the information dissemination.It shows that the information work of the county party committees in the new situation faces more difficult challenges both subjectively and objectively.The third chapter restricts the development of county Party committee information work.The reasons for the lagging development of the information work of the county Party committee are analyzed from the aspects of information management,ideology,mechanism,adapting to the new situation and the quality of the team.This provides the basis for further improving the information work of county Party committee.The fourth chapter develops the county level party committee information work countermeasure.In view of the actual work of the county party committee information,this put forward the establishment of information work on the rapid response mechanism,and constantly improve the working methods.The county party committee information works more perfect.Therefore,this will further improve the party's ability to govern.
Keywords/Search Tags:County-level General Office of CPC, Information work of Party committee, governance ability
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