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Research On The Legal System Of Internet Financial Regulation In China

Posted on:2016-05-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y H LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330518472159Subject:Science of Law
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In the Internet economy era, the Internet-based features of financial activity has become more evident; Internet Financial as a new trend of modern financial development, has become an important part of China's economic development, the third-party payment, P2P and other forms of Internet financial innovation,and presents diversification trend. Internet Financial sustained and efficient development, contribute to the prosperity of the whole financial sector.In recent years, because of the Internet Financial began to produce and rapid rise , China's existing financial regulation is difficult to effectively meet the regulatory requirements of Internet financial period, and a variety of legal risks of illegal business and other Internet financial development that may occur, will finance the Internet constrain the healthy and rapid development, and even affect the financial security of the Internet industry, therefore it is particularly important of regulatory issues.In order to encourage innovation, make the gulatory responsibilities clear,the central bank and other relevant departments issued a guidance on promoting the healthy development of Internet Financial in July 2015,make sure the implementation of regulatory responsibilities and business boundaries clear. But to achieve the effective supervision of the Internet Financial,we need to provide a mandatory legal protection,which is based on the reasonable positioning of the concept of Internet Financial, combined with our current legal system status, and learn from the experience of international Internet Financial supervision legal system.First,combined with the characteristics of the Internet Financial innovation in the existing regulatory framework, improve the regulatory laws about the technical regulation,market access, provide reliable legal basis for Internet Financial regulatory. Second, regulatory agencies need to coordinate mutual cooperation mode to implementation the functionality of Internet Financial supervision, consistent regulatory system. Third,, the positive development of the Internet industry self-regulatory organization , through the establishment of trade associations,industry standards can guide and promote the industry supervision,can achieve better regulation results. Fourth, to solve the regulatory issues about the Internet Financial, the international cooperation between regulatory authorities is particularly important, our regulatory agencies should collaboration with other countries closely ,to fight against cross-border Internet Financial crime, and provide a safer environment for the development of the domestic Internet Financial .
Keywords/Search Tags:Internet Financial, regulatory laws, regulatory bodies, industry self-regulation
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