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Reasach On The Online Political Participation Of Citizen In China In Internet Age

Posted on:2018-08-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y X SunFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330518482811Subject:Marxism in China
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Information technology,as a new technology,has made big differences for people on production,lifeway and mode of thinking,also bring new probably for promote the netizen to take part in politic more widely and deeper,meanwhile,a new way of political participation which is E-Participation arised.Citizens can express their viewpoints on politic and participate in politic more conveniently and freely by Internt.But the virtually,freely and any other characteristics lead to a serise of problems exists on network of political participation in our country at present.The paper is divided into four parts to analysis the citizen network of political participation in our country.The first chapter is about the definition of network of political participation.Network of political participation,are activities which orginzed by netizen personal or team of them to influence national political decisions or communal politic,by politickings of election online,vote online,speak on froum,tip-offs online,even organize activities offline and so on by Internet.There are several common froms of network of political participation.which is partake online,discuss on froum,netizen rally,vote onlin,signature online and so on.Four of their characteristics are conveniently and cheaply of the tools,widely and equality of the subjects,blindly and irrationally of the progress,virtuality and reality of the ways.The second chapter presents the experiences and lessons in the field of citizenís network of political participation both here and abroad.In the process of construct Electronic government,the improvement of the Participation system,the operation of the Participation system,the importance of private enterprises in United States,Japan,Singapore and any other countries,are worth for our country to study.Among moral construction online,management by stratified and systematics on technique, big effects on civil society organizations and any other aspects in United States,is the book of our country.In addition,we need ponder the process of real-name registration system online and the leossons of its failure.We should develop and hold that the achievement of E-Participation in our conntry the resent years,for example,promotion of Information technology,construction of E-government and so on in the resent years of explortion and development on the Internet at the same time.The third chapter is about the situations and problems of E-Participation in our country.There are five characteristics of E-Participation been found,through a large number of investigation,first of them is netizen have higher passion but less rationality in politic,the secound is E-Participation goes fast but mass,the third is scope of E-Participation is widly but stratification in classes,the fourth E-government is going but need proceed to go again,the fifth is buliding of laws has been pay more attention but still less.The fourth chapter is the way of E-Participation we should go,with the lessons in and out,to solve the problems we meet.The first one is to complete every sides of E-government and establish and improve mechanism of E-Participation.The secound one is to mange Internet orderly and make the condition of E-Participation clean.The third one is to improve the laws of E-Participation and make netizenís behavior in E-Participation standard.The fourth one is to eliminate Digital Divide and ensure E-Participation right of citizen.The fifth one is to steady the construction of moral system online and bulid rationality culture of E-Participation.
Keywords/Search Tags:E-Participation, Participation mechanism, managing orderly, Digital Divide
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