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The Historical Process Of The Chinese Communist Party To Carry Out The Party Diplomacy And It's Experience Research Since The Reform And Opening

Posted on:2018-03-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330518965416Subject:Marxism in China
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As a part of a state's overall Diplomatic system,Party Diplomacy is also included in a state's overall Strategic Layout.The instrumental functions of Party Diplomacy,as an important division,include enhancing international relations and promoting the cooperation and exchanges between nations,so as to create a good external environment for a nation's social and economic development.The party diplomacy of CPC began since her establishment.After becoming a party in power in 1949,namely the founding year of PRC,the CPC attached more importance to the development of party diplomacy,actively engaging in assorted interactions with foreign parties.Since the beginning of the reform and open up,the party diplomacy of CPC has witnessed tremendous development.Abundant related fruits have so far been harvested.This paper attempts to take a brief overview on the development process of CPC's party diplomacy,and accordingly summarize some historic experiences and implications.This paper begins with a concept definition.According to the author's understanding,Party Diplomacy refers to political activities of interacting with foreign parties,party alliances and other legal political groups.Such activities are under the guidance of the state's general foreign policy,the purposes of which are to protect the party and the state's common interests by promoting the inter-party and interstate relations.Party diplomacy is closely related but different from inter-party relations and state's diplomacy.It is strongly characterized by some distinct features in regards of meaning,agents,forms of interaction and so forth.As for the reasons and influences of Party Diplomacy,this paper holds that the reasons for the party diplomacy include the party's own demands,the development of Globalization and the deepening of the interdependences of nations.In addition to that,this paper tries to analyze some elements that obviously affect party diplomacy from a marcroperspective.The interests of the party is the decisive element,the state's comprehensive power is the foundation of the party's strategic decision making.The party's own power is also an important element in this regard.The nations situation of development also constructs an important external element.After the reform and opening up,the CPC's political party diplomacy theory inherited and developed Marxist's,Engels' and Lenin's theories of inter-party relations,as well as the related theories formulated by CPC's first generation of collective leadership with Mao Zedong at the center.These theories serve as theoretical basis for the CPC's party diplomatic activities ever since.Marx,Engels and Lenin's discussion of the necessity of the international union of the proletariat and how to deal with the relationship between political parties are valuable elements too.Taking into consideration China's specific situations,the CPC leaders of the first generation confirmed that CCP's political party diplomacy should adhere to the principle of independence and autonomy,and parties should be equal in status when dealing with each other.Ideological differences should not be an obstacle in regard of inter-party relations.After specifying the theoretical basis of CPC's political party's diplomacy,this thesis also reviews the history of the development of CPC's party diplomacy since the beginning of the reform and opening up.Taking the previous important sessions as milestones,the whole process of CPC's Party Diplomacy development can be divided into six separated stages.The first stage is from 1978 to 1982.This stage majorly witnesses the adjustment of CPC's Central Committee and some related policies.The second stage is from 1983 to 1988..This stage is characterized by CPC's intentional Exploration of its policies of party diplomacy and the harvest of some initial developments.The third stage is from 1989 to 1991..This stage mainly lays out the scenarios of how the CPC's political diplomacy successful broke the blockade and sanctions in 1989 after the“political turmoil",and obtained the resumption and development of the political party diplomacy.The fourth stage is from 1992 to 2001..The stage is mainly characterized by the CPC's achievement,under the leadship of the collective leading group with Comrade Jiang Zemin at the center,in regard of party diplomacy.Thanks to the solid foundation laid by the early development of accumulation,CPC's party diplomacy in this stage accomplished "blowout".The fifth stage is from 2002 to 2011.This stage displays the overall advancement and enrichment of CPC's political party diplomacy under the leadership of the Collective leading group with Comrade Hu Jintao at the Center.The policies in this stage appear to be more pragmatic and practical.Economic factors are more effectively highlighted.The party attached more importance to the promotion of international economic cooperation,the exchange of administration and execution related experiences.CPC also began to more frequently participate in international political hot issues as her special focus of concern.The institutionalization attempts are also effectively initiated.The sixth stage starts at the 18th CPC Central Congress in 2012.Under the guidance of the strategic layout of the“Four Comprehensives",the CPC comprehensively pushes forward the development of the party diplomacy.The institutionalization process is also in its way.The Party Diplomacy has therefore found its better place in the grand strategy system,namely to serve China's Diplomatic courses and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.After systematically reviewing the CPC's Party Diplomacy development since the reform and opening up,this study move to summarize some historical experiences.The author holds that the development of CPC's political party diplomacy has to follow scientific theories.Constant theoretic innovation achieved from the practices is also important in enriching the theory system of the CPC's Party Political Diplomacy.Besides,the author also believes that to improve the theories of Party Diplomacy,we should more accurately understand the situations of both home and abroad,making the serving of the realization of“Chinese Dream" its ultimate objective.The party diplomacy should adhere to Deng Xiaoping's“Four Principles of Inter-party Relations" and constantly enrich its connotation in practice.We should value and fully apply such theoretic and practical experiences to make better our future practices in this regard.
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