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Regime Of The Democratic Revolution Party Building's Historical Experience And Revelation

Posted on:2009-01-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S H YanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360272972862Subject:Marxist theory and ideological and political education
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Political power construction is an important issue for the overall construction of China's socialist regime, and also the premise and basis for smooth development of socialism with Chinese characteristics. And the Party's own development has experienced a special long-term process of political power construction from a local ruling to a national one. This paper is based on the objective history of the political power construction in the revolutionary base of Party Central Committee. The author used the methods of literature analysis and combination of history and theory, adhered to the principle of seeking truth from facts, focused on the main characteristics, historical experience and its practical significance of the political power construction of the red regime in Jinggangshan during the agrarian revolution, the Provisional Central Government of Chinese Soviet Republic, the anti-Japanese democratic regime during the anti-Japanese War in Yan'an, Government in northern China during the War of Liberation People's. The full text is divided into four parts:The first part is about the content, the basic experience and the characteristics of the Party's political power construction in the agrarian revolution period, for the characteristics in this period, the author firstly expatiated the exploration to the Party's political power construction during the early Agrarian Revolutionary, it mainly refers to the basic experience accumulated during the construction process of a series of red political power center established by Jinggangshan base. Specifically: 1, The Party attached great importance to protecting the vital interests of the masses so that the regime got strong public support. 2, The Party's good at correcting the practical problems in political power construction timely. 3, The Party insisted on the strong leadership of political power construction. Next, the author discussed the political power construction experience of the 1st national Morphology of the worker-peasant democratic dictatorship regime established by our party—Chinese Soviet Republic of the Provisional Central Government. These mainly included: 1, it was good at innovating democratic election system to effectively protect the democratic rights. 2, it provided a legal basis for the legal regime by strengthening the legal system construction. 3, it attached great importance to the commission against corruption, always took anti-corruption work as a key task. 4, it strengthened the training and education of the cadres so that provide comprehensive human resources for the government development.The second part is about the experience of anti-Japanese democratic regime construction during the Sino-Japanese War period in Yan'an. The author mainly discussed the political power construction of the most abundant experienced local Chinese Communist Party's government and Yan'an border political power construction with comprehensive form. He mainly analyzed that the Party cleverly combined Marxist theory on the building of political power with the complexity of the situation at that time, created an example of democratic regime in China where it lacked democratic ideas and systems. Including: 1 .The party was good at using the actual needs of the policy to consolidate and develop political power. 2. The party innovated power system to protect the people's democratic interests based on the changing situation. 3. It actively used democratic supervision system to effectively ensure that the people could supervise the government. 4. It paid attention to grassroots building of political organization proceeding from the actuality of border area. 5. It used award and penalty system to manage and train cadres.6. It streamlined organs of state power, comprehensive upgrading administrative efficiency;The third part: the new development of Party's political power construction in practice in the liberation war period. The author started from the typical political power construction of North China People's Government, mainly expatiated that the Party continued to upgrade the level of Marxist political power construction for China to a new height, clearly pointed out that the Party continued to carry out the political power construction of suiting measures to different local conditions and seeking truth from facts in the liberated areas based on summing up the experiences and lessons of Party's political power construction in the past, so as to made an active and important preparation of theory and practice for establishing the Party's national political power. Specific experience includes: 1. It joined Assembly of People's Representatives system to various social forces to consolidate regime's mass base. 2. It developed the national united front by the political consultation system of multi-party cooperation. 3. It effectively handled the distribution rights of governments at all levels. 4. It administrated firmly in accordance with the law, better regulated the operation of the process. 5. It paid more attention to political power building itself, further straightened out the relationship between the party and government.The fourth part is mainly about the practical significance and inspiration of the Party's historical experience in building political power. By reviewing the development mainstream of the history of Party's political power construction and the correct historical experience having been tested by practice, clearly pointed out the fundamental principles of political power construction and the right development direction. Including: 1 .The building of political power must be based on reality and national conditions from the national characteristics, and adhere to Marxist theory with China's national contemporary realities. 2. We must adhere to the leadership position of the Chinese Communist Party in political power construction. 3. The party must adhere to long term democratic development of the most extensive patriotic united front policy in the party's leadership over political power. 4. The party must firmly adhere to good basic political system, and strive to promote the innovation of specific political system advancing with the times.In this article, the author holds that the political power construction is an important part of the governance construction. The democratic revolution period is a unique and important period in the history of our Party's political power construction, which covered all aspects of the political power construction of the base area Soviet power, "three-three" anti-Japanese democratic regime and the people representative political power in the liberated areas. During this period, our party's political power construction experience was much too abundant, so it has an important theoretical and practical reference value for today's political power construction of the Chinese Communist Party.
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