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Research On The Supervision Of Network Community Under The Background Of Governance Modernization

Posted on:2018-06-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H M MengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330518982490Subject:Scientific Socialism and the international communist movement
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At present, as the interest of subject division to speed up and the interests of more demands, the network community as a traditional social organization in the field of Internet extension in China has made considerable development. The rapid growth of the network community not only can meet the demand of multiple interests, ease social contradictions, but also expand the citizens to participate in public decision-making channels, is conducive to the broad realization of socialist democracy, is also the important force to achieve the national management modernization. However, due to the virtual nature of the network community, inter-regional, organizational structure loose, so that once established it has its own limitations, resulting in the occurrence of many negative effects, the rapid spread of bad information, illegal association, has a negative impact to the social stability and people life. Therefore, it is imperative to strengthen the supervision of network communities.Based on the analysis and comparison of relevant research in academia,this thesis defines the connotation of the network community, and clarifies that the network community to be studied in this thesis is the social aggregate which based on the same interest or common interests appeal and is formed through the network platform,has a certain membership and rules, for the purpose of the activities. And this thesis expounds the characteristics, types and roles of the network community, which further enriches the basic theory of the network community. In our country, the rise of the network community has a profound roots. This paper analyzes the causes of the rise of the network community from the perspective of the change of social structure and the development of Internet technology, points out the development trend of the current network community and clarifies the development direction of the network community.However, due to the network community as a new thing, has its special formation and development of the regular pattern , its supervision should not with traditional regulatory models, the existing system design did not make timely adjustments, there is a big flaw,or been not adapt to the status of online community supervision, there have been many problems. This thesis analyzes the practice and its predicament of the current network community supervision in our country, and clarifies that the traditional government-based government regulatory model has been unable to adapt to the actual development situation of the network community, resulting in the supervision of our network community is behind the concept, the lack of regulatory law, regulatory body is unknown,a single means of supervision,regulatory technology lag and many other difficulties. In the face of new problems and new challenges, new approaches must be adopted. The third plenary session of the eighteenth made it clear that the "modernization of the national governance system and the governance capability" is a major proposition, that requires us to change the idea of "governance ",with the concept of "management" and"good governance" to deal with the various problems of national governance and social governance. Network community supervision should also be under the guidance of this concept, innovation and development. Under the background of the management modernization, this thesis tries to innovate the aspects of the supervision idea, the supervision system, the supervision subject and the supervision technology, and construct the innovation mechanism of the network community supervision so as to guarantee the healthy development of the network community.
Keywords/Search Tags:The management modernization, Network community, The government supervision
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