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The Study Of Difference Between The Land And Maritime Boundary

Posted on:2018-12-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Boundary is one of important topic in international relations.The boundary dispute is a common phenomenon among the neighboring countries,and it is one of the most important factors that affect the relations between the states.According to the difference of boundary through the natural state,the boundary can be divided into land boundary,maritime boundary and air boundary.Land boundary is the foundation and it can be formalized by allocation,and delimitation and demarcation.Only in accordance with the boundary determined by treaty and that make sense.Since the1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea has put forward the principles of maritime delimitation and the settlements of maritime dispute to provided a legal basis for further solve the maritime boundary disputes.Land boundary and maritime boundary have similarities,but from the natural features,function,delimitation principle,dispute reasons and dispute resolutions,land boundary and maritime boundary also have great difference.These difference make it impossible to take the same attitude and approach to treat the land boundary and maritime boundary,specific problems should be analyzed when solving the land and maritime boundary dispute.The resolution of land boundary dispute can't apply to the maritime boundary dispute.The maritime boundary dispute face more difficulties and it is one of important reasons for many maritime boundary dispute have not solved.It have great theoretical significance to make clear the difference between the land and maritime boundary.Especially for China which is facing many land and maritime boundary disputes,it is necessary to pay attention to the research of the land and maritime boundary.China need to recognize clearly that resolution in the early years of new China is not longer applicable to Chinese current conditions,so China must be make corresponding resolutions according to the different land and maritime boundary dispute based on the difference between land and maritime boundary.At the same time,China need to strengthen boundary management and reinforce the relatedresearch to provide the guidance for boundary development and maintaining the nation interests,especially in maritime boundary.It have important significance for maintaining the national benefit of our country and developing The Belt and Road.
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