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Research On Government Supervision Management On Construction Engineering Quality In Huadu District Of Guangzhou

Posted on:2018-07-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330536478407Subject:Public administration
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Construction project quality government supervision of construction engineering quality is stable and orderly construction market development played an important role.Guangzhou huadu district has established a relatively perfect system of government regulation.With the development of the construction market,the engineering construction scale increasing,the technical difficulty increasing reason such as construction quality supervision faces huge challenges,in the form of research on construction project quality government supervision has great practical significance.This paper,which is based on the current construction of laws and regulations,from the engineering quality supervision and management system,summarizes the research of huadu district construction engineering quality supervision institutions management present situation and the existing system of construction engineering quality supervision management and existing problems,the main is not accurate orientation of the governmentís supervision function,supervision and management system,supervision method donít adapt to the current construction market and so on.Coupled with the current domestic and foreign advanced construction engineering quality management theory,method,and the government supervision and management of practical experience abroad,put forward Chinaís construction engineering quality supervision management should shift quality supervision institutions of the transformation of the government supervision function,positioning,strengthen the supervision of cooperated-builing parties,perfecting the system construction,to strengthen social supervision,learning the foreign advanced experience to establish collateral system and credit system construction,the use of advanced technology,using technology to strengthen the reform measures of engineering quality supervision management,etc.According to huadu district construction project related data and engineering examples of engineering quality supervision management reform update opinions,has strong reference significance of reality.Hope this research can to a certain extent,for the guangzhou huadu district for reference to construction project quality government supervision,promote the huadu district construction engineering market towards a new step.
Keywords/Search Tags:Construction quality, Quality supervision, Government supervision system
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