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The Grid Management Problems And Countermeasures Of Ningbo Jiangbei Grass-roots Society

Posted on:2018-07-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330536485317Subject:Public administration
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In recent years,the deepening of reform and opening-up in China,the rapid development of economy and society at the same time,also appeared a lot of new problems,new situation for social governance put forward new and higher requirements.Is the foundation of social stability,social governance at the grass-roots level of how effective they are directly related to the country's stability.Grid management should be born,and in which is dominated by the government to promote.Grid management is certainly not a cure-all,still exist,such as the extension of administrative levels and too pay attention to form,a series of problems such as lack of response at the grass-roots level,need to be studied continuously perfect.In this paper,on the basis of predecessors' research,combining the theory of social governance and grassroots community grids management of related research results,the ningbo jiangbei grassroots community grids management problems were studied,analysis the characteristics and problems,through the contrast analysis of yuelu district changning district in Shanghai,wuhan,nanhai district,foshan and other early start or practice of grassroots social grids is practiced in places where relatively mature management experience,put forward the optimization of jiangbei grassroots community grids management.In this paper,the main innovation points are at the system level reveals the jiangbei congenital defects existing in the grassroots community grid management,provides experience approach can be used for reference in the practical level,through the case study,combined with the practical needs of the social governance,jiangbei widened the research train of thought and optimizing path.But because not enough in-depth research work,including the research time is not long,not range widely,pilot research focuses mainly on the streets,the comparative study of jiangbei throughout the domain is not sufficient,the universality of the countermeasures and Suggestions may also exist problems,needs to be further perfected in practice.
Keywords/Search Tags:Jiangbei District, Social governance, Grid management
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