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Research On Executive Law Enforcement Of Marine Fishery Protection In Yunxiao

Posted on:2018-09-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330536974755Subject:Public Administration
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Ecological protection work for the marine industry to start from the source,for those harmful substances into the sea for the control of the source of the work will be from the most basic and the most basic law enforcement work to catch up,work responsibility in basic law enforcement personnel,good supervision,to protect the marine fishery from the most basic the work for marine fisheries are on the road of sustainable development..In this paper,Yunxiao County as the research object,uses the method of case analysis,literature analysis,comparative analysis and other research methods of Yunxiao County Marine Fisheries protection administrative law enforcement in-depth study.Firstly,Yunxiao County Marine Fishery protection base status of administrative law enforcement,and then pointed out that the existing marine fishery protection Yunxiao County grassroots administrative enforcement problems,mainly including: Marine Fisheries Protection law enforcement body dispersion,protect the marine fishery law enforcement is not standardized,weak law enforcement forces,protect the marine fishery administrative law enforcement supervision is not in place.Secondly,analysis of Yunxiao County Marine Fisheries protection administrative law enforcement problems,including: the fishery administrative law enforcement agencies unreasonable allocation,comprehensive law enforcement mechanism of the integration of the uncompleted reform of administrative law enforcement personnel,to enhance the quality of marine fishery protection law enforcement supervision mechanism is not perfect.On the basis of this,the author draws lessons from the domestic and international marine fishery protection administrative law enforcement.Finally,Yunxiao County Marine Fisheries Protection suggestions,administrative law enforcement mainly includes: Deepening the reform of the administrative system of fishery,standardize law enforcement activities to improve the ability of law enforcement and strengthen the protection of marine fishery administrative law enforcement personnel training,improve the supervision system.
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