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Research On The Copyright Of Video Games In The Online Game Live Platform

Posted on:2018-07-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the development of ecological prosperity,the online gaming industry standard,Betta YY network broadcast platform game developed rapidly and formed a complete industry ecosystem,But due to the lag,China’s copyright legislation in China,the determination of originality on the lack of a unified standard and effective network game broadcast industry main complex in the works,resulting in network game live on the legal protection industry existence dilemm.We think it is necessary to demonstrate the network platform game live video game and the creation and dissemination of the legitimacy and rationality of classification;demonstration network game live video rights,clarify the related rights in the process of network game broadcast ownership,the legal protection of the network game platform to increase,in order to promote the benign the development of network game broadcast industry.This paper will try to make the analysis.This paper is divided into four parts.The first part,to explore the development of the network game broadcast platform game live video.The author firstly describes the origin of the network game live video,the network game platform video broadcast of this concept;secondly,with the development of video games as the core,expand the development status of several of the world’s developed countries network game live video broadcast platform,in order to for the further discussion of a clear direction.The second part discusses whether the network game platform game live video anchor constitute rational use of game works.I think the protection of the game live video to the works of the author,the copyright law can refer to in the theory,perfecting the Copyright Law revised draft manuscript of the provisions of article forty-third;network game live video in the network game platform is for the rational use of live video game software,the key lies in whether the live video games withtransformational network video game commentary on the rights of persons subject status,should be set up in the video game is the rational use of the game software and the video game based on the original.The author thinks that in does not affect the normal use of the right person for the work of network game audiovisual wor,notdamage The legitimate interests of the copyright owner of the case,should be rational use of behavior allows network game related public,but also appropriate to expand the scope of use,not limited to “for personal study,research or appreciation,can include specific interaction between the public to share the experience and the use of the use,without going through the game publisher.Theimplied license even beyond the requirements of the appropriateness of the rational use of the copyright la.revised draft of the provisions of article fiftieth,the network video game commentary included in the statutory license,but not to the game film and other audiovisual works.The fourth part is mainly to explore the protection of the online game platform for live video of the difficulties,the difficulties,clear the scope of protection of the law,as well as the direction of adjustment.
Keywords/Search Tags:Live video, Reasonable use, Video copyright
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